Saturday Nation

Looking at this front page with alot of questions.
@Mundu Mulosi uko bungoma, your women hawana puthy or they have been ignored.
In all RIP

hii ni @kelele tuu

Leo walai umekusa kazi am a uliamkia nini.Ooh nkt kumbe ni nation hao watu wanakuwanga na umeffi anza kusoma gazeti ingine.

Choices and consequences my fren. Wanawake wa slay kabisa. Mwenye atauliwa asafiri pole pole bila kusumbua.

They should also publish a list of young men killed during that time.

CID be like

Let them now compile a list of all the young men and their photos killed by Hessy and Co in Eastlands.
Those ones would need 3 full pages for one year only.

On the contrary, these ladies were not criminals. You should have said they need to compare the list of men killed by women for comparison like the dude who was stabbed 22times by Miss Langa’ta e.t.c

You think it, then put it up don’t correct mine.
Ama unataka nitoe dick tupimanishe?

Ati manataka kupima di*k?

Iko sida!

Some wounds had began to heal, then Githeri Media adds salt into it. Damn!

Tafuta @Atwoli mcheze hizo games, am straight.

Na siunde ukapulize izo vidonda zipone? Ngite! To the bereaved families the memories still live on.

Múthiti, múkúúnú wa nthí. Enda úkakíndwe mbola úteúkía. Kítimba kíí kí flat ta mbwaú ya útilangíla nyama.

Expert warns violence against women kuon kuon nyuka nyoyo chieth chieth chieth…

Mbusit. Out thousands of Kenyans who have been murdered, a handful of slayquins is what it takes to make the frontpage? mbusit

Andu a nyumba ndio wengi…

Huyo Lucy Njambi died painfully. Forced to swallow acid? Some people have no chills