Satanism and Metal/Rock music


I occassionally listen to bands such as Led Zepplin and the Eagles. However, I have come across research that suggests that satanic messages appear when the songs are played backwards.

For instance, Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin:
"Oh here’s to my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad, whose power is Satan. He will give those with him 666. There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan.”

Hotel California by the Eagles:
“Satan he hears this. He had me believe. “

To the metal fans here, how verifiable are these claims. Have I been listening to satanic messages all along banae?

But we also have Christian gospel rock music.

Devel ni msee wa smooth jazz

Gospel Heavy Metal like I guess Demon Hunters.

If you mock Christianity why not mock the opposite.

Stop having imaginary adversaries. Satan doesn’t exist

Nani huskiza Ngoma in reverse? And why would anyone want to?
There’s a dozen easier ways to influence minds

@Karoga thinks otherwise

Satan is a spirit ,if you invite him, he will come , most people don’t know that human beings souls are a prized possession in the world of spirits,both God and Satan want to have a relationship with you, however you have free will to accept God or reject Satan

How can you like invite Satan? How can he come?we know about God obviously

And where is the soul?How is it beneficial to me subconsciously?How is it beneficial to Satan and God?

You can invite Satan simply by praying to him through divination and other occult practice s and he will come, Satan is " easier" to summon because he loves to gain human souls that rebel against there creator ,it’s like sweet revenge or giving God the middle finger and show Him that he can get his priced creation.
God on the other hand is more of a quality vs quantity kinda " guy" ,he surely does a through job of searching your soul and heart before he does business with you.God trust is earned through sweat, blood and tears through Jesus Christ, that’s why most people choose the former and not the latter because man is naturally sinful and finds Satan easier to work with.
However God is the best option if you seek him and you shall find him

You’ve not answered how the soul is beneficial to man nor Satan and God

[SIZE=7]satan does not exist…but evil does[/SIZE]

Human beings have the super natural ability to summon Satan or his demons and they come immediately,in God’s creation , human beings are superior to Satan, angel s and demons and Satan is very eager to meet humans ,just try summoning him and he will come immediately.

Your soul is the real you ,the eternal you.In God’s plan ,your soul sole purpose was to praise God and do His Will, when Satan fell from heaven he made it his sole mission to destroy Gods priced creation known as man,he uses deceipt , manipulation and temptation s to ensure that as many men as possible don’t have a direct connection and relationship with God because God hates sin but is more than willing to forgive the repentant sinner s sin through the blood of Jesus Christ , when you lose that relationship with God ,you suffer unnecessarily and lose your divine purpose and blessings because the devil wants to use you and eventually destroy you maliciously for his own sadistic agenda .

Who told you all this? Satan, or God himself?

It is true that God and Satan exist but only in the human mind.

This is common knowledge accessible to all people and is found in the bible


rour bible and pray everyday…read your bible….


Its called marketing… Including that shit generates curiosity and curiosity equals more sales. Wachana na upuss ya bible na Koran thumpers