So yesterday Ole Lenku isdued a decree saying that land less than a quarter will not be issued with title deeds in Kajiado County.This will apply to areas zoned out as rural areas.
Had bought a serviced plot near Ostrich farm and mjengo is scheduled to start in January,everthing is ready other than title deed whose transfer was to be finished this week. Would such a decree lawfully dispossess us of our land?!
Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku yesterday TV advertisements seeking buyers for such plots in the county are works of conmen.

“We cannot issue titles for those plots. Those titles alleged to be from us are fraudulently acquired,” said Lenku.

The Governor now says members of public must beware the sale of plots in rural Kajiado is banned saying they will be losing their money.

“We are declaring that those plots are a scheme of unscrupulous traders. Such sizes can only be available in urban centres,” he said.

The Governor was speaking during the launch of the county’s spatial plan meant to guide in developments of various sectors and especially land, housing and road network at Maasai Technical Training Institute.

He pointed out that areas along Kiserian -Magadi road, Kitengela-Isinya-Kiserian road and Isinya-Namanga roads as heavily infested by such “misinformed” plot buyers.

“We have zoned off the county so that land meant for agriculture and ranching can remain for that use,” he said.

The National Land Commission immediately lauded Lenku’s fears and said the cartel operation had reached alarming levels.

NLC Vice Chairman Abigael Mbagaya said the order to monitor sale of small plots was timely.

“We are very worried at the rate people are buying land that can’t be productive for anything. It must be stopped,” said Mbagaya, who was in attendance.[/I]


Laws are made by the county legislature or the national legislature.

A perusal of the land laws would show you that no legal authority has been delegated to the governor to issue decrees and roadside declarations on the transfer of private land.

Enda uitishe title yako. Mtu akikataa nayo, Kajiado sasa kuna high court.

niko na kaquater yangu pia forrowin…

But i agree…what thr fuck will you do with a 40x80 thing in the rural areas? Nimeenda hadi laikipia huko ndani and people are shamelessly selling such useless plots!

Who would be stupid Enuff to think kajiado is a major agriculture area. Kama saa huu kumekauka kau kau.
They can build cheap housing there wapate income but agriculture Apana


A way of saving their rural areas from colonization by the city and land greedy people .

That’s how towns and cities come up

If u bought from the owner hauna haja ya kustuka plus Kitengela where Ostrich Farm is located is classified under urban. What the Governor is afraid is this land buying companies that buy huge chunks of land in remote areas of kjd west and central then subdivide into small tu eighth and quarter alafu sell to clients, those areas have been primarily gazetted under Ranching, eco tourism,pastoralism, agriculture and communal lands.

Nope , towns and cities are planned and every area and amenity marked .If you get what I mean, at the moment it’s just commercial and residential , no plans .

It is timely, the land boards that approve transfer will just henceforth refuse to approve such transactions. These boards fall under county govt. Change of use of land from agriculture to commercial also fall under county govts. I also think there is a legal limit for subdividing agricultural land.
Ole Lenku is onto something here, even better he has the legal muscle to enforce it. Kenyans need to stop with this morbid fascination with 40*80 in a place u don’t ever intend to live.

Land is a store of wealth, not a means to wealth. Buy our generation has wasted a lot of funds on 50 by 100’s.

That is no rural area per se and being only 200m from the road it is perfect for residential housing.Actually made up of about 100 pieces within the gated serviced plots, with a perimeter wall,murram roads to each with proper drainage, borehole with piping to each plot and electricity run along the service roads.
Right next to them is a newly completed serviced gated community whose units are now ready for occupation.

Would agree so but hii iko along the road,about 8km from Kitengela town. And btw Kitengela now falls under the greater Nairobi Metropolitan Area to be covered by the newly formed NAMATA.

The problem is what if someone is sitting on communal land, is broke( and poor) and wants to sell a 40* 80 to raise money eg for school fees. What can he do? Will the law castigate him into perpetual poverty when he can liquidate a portion and save his soul?

So already kako na title, its only transferring from the current holder to you. I maybe wrong but I guess any such decree would affect subdivision going forward. So can we say you are safe.

@Lipsy don’t worry my brother. Even the former governor banned land transfer on a rally and it continued unhindered for his entire term. Apart from devolved funds, land transfer fees are second highest revenue stream for Kajiado county. Nairobi middle class continues to move there due to demand vs supply. That said even if it was to be enforced they need to put a cut off date I.e starting Jan 2018. So that ongoing transfer negotiated under the previous by laws be completed.

Since when? The county has a few representatives but the land boards squarely falls under National government.

I hope so.If the construction delays further someone will skin me alive.Hapa kwa nyumba next year hakutakalika.