Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy arrested for receiving funds from the late Gadaffi for his 2007 presidential campaigns.

That’s normal, all french president since world war 2 are corrupt and they usually schedule a west Africa trip to collect €€€€/$$$$ millions in cash to fund campaigns and party needs. That’s how west Africa leaders have stayed in power for decades without the west ranting.

And then bombed him?
Short people are very unpredictable.

To erase any evidence of their crimes.

Gadaffi even met Berlusconi but he didn’t know the Europeans would stab him in the back.

Gaddafi was on an overdrive to please everyone, that’s a sign of mediocrity.

berlusconi na corruption zake ashikwe pia

Gadaffi made a fatal error with which he paid with his life. Like a Presbyterian he thought that if he treated a snake kindly, a miracle would happen and it wouldn’t bite him.

la colombe, Carla Bruni

I can bet my left nut that he will not be hanged like a dog, the way the late Gaddafi was.

Mbona ICC haingilii hizi kesi?

Gaddafi was short sighted.When The nuclear Blueprints were allegedly ‘stolen’ from Britain… libya was amongst the first nations the nuke idea was pitched. He declined. Look at how stable Pakistan and DPRK are…
Furthermore… the 2ND most Sexy bird on earth, europe’s best Multirole fighter… drum rolls pls… THE RAFALE ilikuwa mbichi then and had to be aggressively marketed. And btw has it paid off?

Gaddafi signed contracts with usa to end it’s nuclear program for rehabilitation. He signed more contract with France to get back to eu fold. He was even welcomed to paris on a state visit to make it public. However Gaddafi didn’t implement them much to the west deep state expectations. The rest is history.

EU member states don’t have the death penalty, but you are right.

Silivio alikua noma sana!

Yule jamaa ni mwizi,fisadi na mzinzi wa hatari sana!

Ulaya yote wanacheza,Silivio was no joke at all!

Sarkozy ni katoto sana!

i find rafale fugly. The sukhoi 34 though has all her curves in the right places. Another day in Syria the F22 was picking on some small guys who cant punch back accompanied by F/A-18,some Su 34&35’s show up and Americans were in a scrummage running away.

Berlusconi is one of the few genuine friends Putin keeps in Europe. There was a time they partied all night during a G8 summit and showed up for meetings next day with hangovers.


These two guys are like twins…Pia alikua anampenda Sarkozy pia ila nadhani Sarkozy alikuja kumgeuka na Merkel wa Germany kwenye EU mpaka wakamtoa madarakani Silivio…

Ila Silivio anamkubali sana Putin,tena sana to this day!

Wanapenda totoz sana.Pia kipindi marehemu Ghadaffi yupo hai walikua wanafanya night parties na totoz kali sana,walikua wanaziita Bunga Bunga parties!

Hawa jamaa walikula totoz sana,Silivio lover boy sana aisee!

Alikamua ka atoti fulani pia.

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