Sarafu mpya edition

It might take long ndio mecho izoe.
Why didn’t they consider hyena, it would represent a good number of men out here and also the greed within our society.[ATTACH=full]219135[/ATTACH]

Rudisha hii upus facebook

uko ndio umetoka?

on a slightly different note, those new coins do not seem to be holding up well, seems they are taking a beating very easily, what material do they use to mint them

hizi 10 bob hazikai oriji…a few swaps from the bank to the shopkeeper, to mjengo guy, through matiti ya mama mboga, igonge mlango ya 14 seater squad kama kumi, to a safaricom branded wallet, to the shopkeeper and back to the bank na io simba itakuwa imefade

more like imezeeka haina mane na kipara Kama ya u know who