@sani Ebu Kuja Hapa Kidogo

Sasa hii ndio nini unafanya hapa, eh?



Apana katia mwanamke na pesa


Easier said than done for our Mulot bros!


Hapo Dem ana orgasm kabla hata arudishe text.
Hii sio kuchinjia hii ni kununua. But elders preach so. Nunua maliza enda zako…but ghaseer inatafuta bibi na hio approach. Itaoa lanye.


Wouldn’t be surprised it this was a trap for some human trafficing operation ama huyu ni matara 2.0


You may be onto something.

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This depraved behaviour can be aptly explained by the following thesis.

Most Nilotes behave in peculiar yet consistent behaviour. Their behaviours stem from their genetic makeup and are instinctual in nature.

Typical Nilotes have a strong need for attention, which is why they often wear outlandish outfits, have excessive “bling,” and engage in loud behaviors when they chance upon a few $$$ (Jaluos).

They try to extort resources or favors from others. Their inherent laziness and lack of intelligence often leads them to blame their problems on others. Your archetypal Nilote lacks executive function and intellect. They seek constant help and support, often at the expense of others. When that’s not possible, they loot and pillage everything to the bare skeleton (KipMenos and Jajuoks).

Sex drives Nilotes. When they can’t find a member of their own tribe to fuck, their males will rape Bantu and Cushitic and then kill them. If that’s not possible, they will fuck anything including animals and furniture.

Alcohol and drugs help the Nilotes quiet their inner thoughts and suppress emotions like guilt, responsibility, and honesty. Marigat, for example, is the alcohol capital of East Africa, not Murang’a as disingenuous Nilotic journalists (read blabberers) like to claim.

Nilotes are attracted to White women, often seeking them out for attention or companionship. This is driven by their innate desire to fortify their inferior gene pool. You should see the way KipMenos fawn over and grovel at their White overlords’ feet in Iten and Eldoret.


Nimeachia hapo…

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Truth singed your eyes, you just couldn’t carry on. I understand.

If that makes you sleep, bro.

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Nilijua @sani ni mtu bladifakin sana kama hio ndio akili anatumia kutafuta bibi


But ameanika his teethy face na kagari number plate, that kipshenzi is meaning business.my guess is kasichana labda ni very beautiful na kalikua kanakataa kijana . After kwenda marathon Jamaa alikua motivated to sprint like a monkey apate pesa angalao aonyeshe musichana he has made it

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this trick of flashing money works wonders. unaonyesha dem una doo before she knows it you have already munched her 3 or 4 times ukaingia embobut forest haraka upesi.

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