Sanford Fish and Chips

Niaje wadau.Who owns Sanford Fish and Chips?Been doing some bit of research and realized there are around 7 branches in the CBD.I got to know his by looking at the similarities eg all of them have a statue of an American cop at the entrance and all of them don’t accept mpesa,cash only.Which got me wondering;for the sake of ease of operations and safety and accountability isn’t it better to allow use of paybill where payments go to the bizz account instead of using cash which can easily be pilfered by staff?Kuna kadem staff who works at the Moi avenue branch near Khoja,she is forever tight lipped about the biz ownership but nikimshow nimtolee form ya ice-cream ama coffee hakataangi.So naona she is a waste of resources coz hatoboki infomeshen.Am yet to get someone else.The only thing I heard is that ni jamaa Ali relocate from States.All the branches naonanga zinaanza kujaa from 10am hata kushinda mcfryz wenye wanapimanga Chips nane na ratili kabla upewe.Would like to venture into this bizz some day nikipata space pale mfangano Lane ninukishe kitungu kama yeye lakini sijaelewa kwa nini he does cash only.Kama una mpesa unaambiwa uende u withdraw cash then you come back.

kutumia mpesa ni kupeana siri za kazi. watu wa safaricom huwa wanajua kila kitu hadi masaa ipi iko na sales mingi

Ukiskia penye cash only works, then you automatically know its @Bingwa Scrotum and Co behind the scene undertaking tax evasion measures.

No. The chain is owned by a certain lady. Old lady around 70 or so years of age. She used to deal mtumba from States which is what her kids do mpaka sahii. They source for mtumba themselves then wanatumanisha. Mrs.Kamau hatumii mpesa because its self-service na watu anadeal na wao ni wale wako na capability ya kureverse. Ofcourse tena pia kwasababu ya macho mingi from big brother.

Hio kureverse ni reason legit kweli?Sikuizi ukitaka ku reverse transaction kuna venye mwenye una reverse kutoka kwake lazima a consent.Anatumiwa sms to that effect.Akikataa ku accept unatumiwa sms unaambiwa mwenye umetumia doh amekataa ku accept reversal.

Businessmen who like evading taxes usually don’t use Mpesa mobile payments since their transactions can be traced by government

Business nyingi zinakataa mpesa. Simple evasion…hakuna story ya kuogopa reversal hapo. If anything, paybill na pochi ni ngumu kureverse.

Ushai jiuliza mbona matatu industry payments si automated? Halafu hata zile unatuma mpesa zinaenda Kwa konda ama dere, si mwenye gari?

They refuse to use Mpesa because of the inherent inefficient design of the payment method.Fast food means fast payment, not spending three minutes on one client as they confirm kama amelipa .

.Mpesa si watu watapanga line mpaka Central Police station ! cash ensures that the service is fast.

If I remember well, when Tinga lost the elections in 2017, He boycotted Safaricom. Why do you care about it’s services now.

napendanga mahali kama hizi
vitu ziko poa

juu hayuko hapo for profit [SIZE=1]if you know you know[/SIZE], hatafanya cost cutting measures kama kuweka kitungu 90.01% kwa samosa
na tena hio kitungu ni zile zinaenda kuoza

Among all reasons given , hii ndio most sensible

Yaani hata tax evasion sio plausible?
Although they use hizo machine kukupra reciept. Are they proper etr machine ama ni reciept tu inagenerate

Money laundering is also a good avenue for a cash only business

Among all reasons given, that is the least sensible. You are not exactly solving a calculus equation when paying with mpesa, ata supermarkets na ndo inataka watu wawe fast uses mpesa. Takes a maximum of two minutes at most, the same time it takes to pay with cash and receive your balance.

This is the least sensible reason.All the other fast food joints in cbd including KFC drive throughs allow mpesa.Infact sikuizi kuna POS yenye once umelipa na mpesa it automatically produces a receipt with the customers details.As this mpesa transaction is being processed the cashier simply continues serving the cash paying customers and once the mpesa receipt is produced the customer simply takes the receipt and moves on.Tax evasion makes more sense.

@Agwambo @Jimit I am guessing you have been to those joints and seen how crowded they are…
Workers must be very fast to ensure serving one customer takes about <1min from payment to food delivery…
The profit margin per customer is very small to warrant wasting time serving one customer…

On the other hand, a supermarket has that kind of patience coz watu wana spend ku spend
KFC also makes good margins/customer

Ni ya kukwepa ushuru, hata hizo receipt wao hupatiana kwa counter si tax compliant so unaelewa kile wanafanya, ni kama wasomali tu wanataka ku-evade tax alafu pia that encourages the place kutumiwa in Laundering money effectively. With a Till/Paybill it’s very easy to monitor your business’s cashflow kwani unafkiri KRA hawapewi data za till/paybill?

It’s been long since I was there but I’m guessing they are legit etr machines… I don’t think they could have survived that long with illegitimate ones

Bado huelewi, it’s not about time ni mara ngapi nilikuwa nafika counter wanasort change, mara kwa kuku ni line pia, chips haziko tayari, so even providing a legit tax compliant receipt ni ‘kusave time’?

No such thing. There is negligible difference between the time it would take to pay through mpesa and hand in cash, have your balance back.