Sanctions Lifted, Iran Is Now Back

Kesho as soon as markets open in Asia, oil price is expected to be the first victim.
As to everything america pushes,there are winners and losers

The winners
-Oil Companies from the west and China sweet contracts to bring aging well and refinery equipment up to date are expected
-USA and NATO countries that are currently having terse relations with Russia, this further pushes Russia in to economic problems as oil prices fall
-Iran, about time they started selling more oil, their industries get access to the world markets mostly to import things they can’t manufacture
All oil importing nations, remember there was a time Kibaki got us some bargain oil import deal from Iran but USA cock blocked it.

Israel and Saudi Arabia. Why the US is screwing this two key allies I don’t know. A strong Iran means stronger Hezbollah and houthi rebels
All oil exporting countries from Angola to Venezuela, Brazil to South Sudan
All Sunni extremist groups, when money is tight in the Arab peninsula, they feel the heat


i think uncle sam lost this battle a long time.
all his targets diversified.
russians saddle slowly but ride fast like hell.
i think all uncle sam failure have cumunilated to bringing the end of the american century closer than the forecasted 2045

It takes some time to produce effects. Mafuta sio mandazi.

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These are the big losers. That’s where most of the oil money ends up one way or the other.

Currencies in oil importing countries have weakened and will continue to weaken. They are not winners in this situation.

Sasa venye watu wengine huita guiness, crude oil, itashuka bei kesho??. Naeza penda sana
@shocks kuja u comment priss

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You spoke too soon

The US has imposed fresh sanctions on Iranian companies and individuals over a recent ballistic missile test.

hizo si a ban on trade, its a few individuals and companies, vile wao hufananya Kenya but bado tunauza tea. Lakini its as if the us haiko kwa deal na mwoyo moja