Sanctions are working

EU is led by brain dead politicians. They thought they can decouple from Russian energy. Germany is in recession. Being the largest economy in Europe. The cracks have started emerging. Penda Sana.

:de: The revolt of farmers and railway workers brought Germany to its knees, - The Telegraph
:black_small_square:Germany’s transport system is on the verge of collapse, and truckers and doctors promise to join the strike.
:black_small_square:The strike has been going on for 64 hours.
:black_small_square:It paralyzed the metro and stopped 80% of long-distance railways;
:black_small_square:Truck drivers and doctors are joining the protest;
Agriculture Minister Cem Ozdemir warned
:black_small_square:As tensions rise, the Minister of Agriculture warned of a dangerous split in German society, similar to the US, where “people blame each other for creating all the evil in the world” ;
:black_small_square:Chancellor Scholz tried to make concessions to farmers, but it didn’t help.