Sanctions are working chieth.

The EU and American homosexual thought that they would crush Russian economy.
Little did they know it will encourage local innovation to solve for the imports.
Russian company have stepped in.
Kenya should start a war with our neighbours. It will open the flood gates of innovation. We will not import those dead people clothes.

“Kenya should start a war with our neighbors”…says the guy who would be sh*tting his boxers after being conscripted.

You’ve obviously spent too much time at the movies.

pale tiktok nmeona russian akiweka cost yake ya electricity whole month ilikua $7 halafu Europeans wakaweka zao sijui $600. Hail king Vladmir

:D:D:D:D:D…nigga has never been Involved in a fist fight but wants Kenya to go to war,Kenya can be an industrial power House without going to war

Aren’t the KDF boys who handed pilsner bwoy his own arse off to a war/mission? war serves to keep the three tiers of society in place.

Kwanza kabisa huna akili. secondly huna degree. Vita ikianza wewe ndio utatupwa frontline. kama tuko peaceful sahii na umeshindwa kutoka kwa muhindi unadhani vita ndio itakutoa huko. Mutakia refugee pale Moyale na Mandera

Kijana ya singomatha niwache. Tangu your father Tate afungwe umekosa content. Msenge wewe I don’t buy for fellow men pilsna.

Tupatane Langata cemetery.

:D:D:D:D:D…kuja na gunia ya makonge niguo ndakuhura mbara ya githigithanio nguthike tene ni tene!!!

I’ve been waiting for empire apologists to attack this post but ni kama wanatumia office WiFi… Let me check tomorrow and see the latest Western propaganda

They are a bunch of propaganda crazed babies aki ya nani.