Premium TZ Booty …
Ms: Jane Ikunda Evarist Rimoy AKA Ms: Sanchoka … :D:D


siwesmind kuingiza mboo kwa kuma yake



350 na ballgum… Premium booty

@cortedivoire mbona sikuoni hapa banae?

Diamond hajapatana na huyu bado?

amechapaa siku hizi rexumbwa anawawekea picha za 2015

siwezimind kupanua cheeks. nalipa 150


Hizi picha si za 2013 alipoanza kuchachisha? Hata vera sanduku alianika gloves banae. Leta picha za last week

Kaloenda gym? She used to be thicker but still sexy as she is right now.

Hizi hawes pata, rexxumbwa ukuwanga technologically challenged

[ATTACH=full]435557[/ATTACH] shots fired:D:D:D

Interestingly , she is the only TZ Super Beauty to come out in public about her dislike for Diamond Platinum …he also seems to avoid her …


She is too much of an independent minded self made entrepreneur ( …a Christian who just recently embraced a mild form of Islam…)
She still models and also runs various family enterprises with her mother …


She is also to date , officially single …
Quite an enigma … :D:D

shes was a known prostitute takin trips to ghana bac n forth. siku hizi amecheza chini

Evidence …???

Sanchoka whose real name is Jane lkunda Evarist Rimoy was born on 24th June 1988 in Kilimanjaro Tanzania.
She is a Tanzanian socialite , model and entrepreneur.
She is said to have one of the biggest booties in Africa, with her hips reportedly around 58 inches.


She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance.
In 2010 she won the Miss Bantu Kilimanjaro and Northern Zone Pagent.



She is an entrepreneur who runs a small scale company called the Golden Eyes Traders Limited.

She has become something of a celebrity by way of showing off her thunderous booty cheeks and even put her mom’s backside on her page to let folks know the apple, no pun intended, didn’t fall far from the tree.


Aside from stunting in revealing gear, Sanchoka also works as a brand ambassador.