So apparently this dude last scored a premier league goal in March yet he’s the highest paid player at Manchieth.
Hapa Wenger aliwaibia and honestly Pep dodged a bullet by avoiding signing him. Arudi tu acheze piano vile amezoea.
Good riddance, in fact his departure opened the door for Iwobidinho to build a career.
I’ve never felt so happy!
Next season atafute club huko China, kubaff yeye!

felt the same…i told sumbarry mtaani that sanches can only shine akichezeshwa na a good playmaker kama ozil hivi…but on his own alafu kwa defensing oriented shitty team ataishi kuwa dryspell ya mabao…lakini wakishikana na hako kamjamaa kao kanaitwo fred they can make something.

Manchieth na arsenalchieth akuna kitu watashinda hii season pia lukaku ni shit

Sanchez was not good at Arsenal either…only delusional gooner fans think he was good because he did more good than bad. One thing i hated about Sanchez while at Arsenal is keeping the ball for too long and at times trying to be a messi. Ati anataka chenga 3 or 4 players na ako in the middle of the park…kidogo he is dispossed ball alafu ka-counter ndio ako na tunafungwa

Salty Arsenal losers. Sanchez was world class while at Arsenal but he just has not been able to replicate his Arsenal form under Mourinho.

You are still stuck with the rivalry between Arsenal and Man Utd?That’s so yester years.
The balance of power long shifted and it will take years before those two return to the top if ever they manage it.
Currently the top three spots belong to Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea.

Alexis thrived under a “free role” at Arsenal.
United Jose hataki hio nonsense.
I agree with what @KaRadar_ says… He held the ball a bit too long. If he released the ball to his teammates a few seconds earlier he’d have been an absolute wrecking ball.
All in all, good riddance…
That’s for when United sold us Mikaël Silvestre. We’re now even

I understand he’s given the most assists at United so let’s not overlook that aspect if his game

kuweni wapole. he is not the only striker not on the scorers’ list. kuna ng’ombe zingine zinaitwa strikers hazijaona bao.

Ni kusoma hujui ama nimesema man u na arsenal will not win anything this season am not try to compare those two shitty teams with overpaid flops

Lakini at Unichieth he can comfortably compare to De Gea in terms of goalscoring, how do you justify that salary with a six month dry spell

To be honest, Arsenal revived his career but he grew too big for the club and went after bigger money.
Again the playing styles are different at both clubs, his style of play fitted perfectly at Arsenal but at United, he has flopped

He used to carry a very average team, if you look at stats, he was very good at Arsenal. Shida he was a primma donna and this created some problems in the dressing room.

if it’s talking about an Arsenal player that left and truly missed then talk about RVP. This ninja used to score in nearly all Arsenal games

Sanchez was frustrated by Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke’s refusal to strengthen the team, the same with RVP. Arsenal has lost many good players since the time Henry left due to lack of ambition.

Correction RVP is the only one who left b/c of akina Kroenke:s refusal to strengthen the team but Sanchez left because of the money. Man u was offering him 500K per week…what do u expect from a player coming from a 3rd world country to do?

Haoni lango

Of course go for the money