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His name is Joseph and he has a site detailing his experience as a gay man in san fransisco in the 90s. I learned things I never knew, which I feel people should know too because it involves physical health and lifestyle changes that no one ever tells us or our kids as they grow up. Go read his essay, it’s very raw and honest, and if you feel enlightened, share the essay; and tell others as well. Knowledge is always a good thing, in my opinion. Have a nice day.

I see you promoting the gay agenda “andakava”. Ni mtu umekosa ama umetumwa? Anyway, siwesclick na Ouru alishasema this is a non issue (the only legacy nitamkumbukia).

We will expel you from this village!

Why would I want to read about faggots!?

Why would I want to read about faggots!?

New poster na the first thing anaweka is a gayssay. Which is a compound word of gay and essay.

Hata Siwezi click

  1. I’m NOT a man.
  2. Sijavuruta mtu akasome. It is STRICTLY here for whoever needs the information. The rest of you keep moving.
  3. If people kept advertising how great sweets are and you find information that it causes teeth to rot, would you try to tell people or not? If you watch t.v, the story is always how the lifestyle is good and it’s about fashion and ‘free love’. That essay sheds light on the side we are not made privy to. And me, personally, I like the whole story so I can make informed decisions. So, I put this here for people who like the Whole Story, even the parts that are Not advertised. Sio ya kila mtu. If it’s not for you, Tembea na Yesu. Good day.

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The essay is Not advocating for homosexuality. If anything, it’s a warning. If you read the essay before commenting, you would know he talks about how he has to wear diapers now and all the reconstructive surgery he had to have. Uhuru might have said it’s a non-issue, but y’all saw anita nderu’s fresh fry video, and many more. That’s how lifestyles are marketed to your kids, and if there is no one telling them it could give them shigella or prolapsed anuses, they will come home and tell you they are gay because they saw anita nderu on tv and they think it’s cool. So here’s free information for you, so you know why it’s personally not a good idea, and why people say its not like normal sex. But look at you all smart, unayasoma yakiwa kwenye bahasha:(.

You could stay instinctively shocked at the lifestyle like I was; or you could find more information and be bolder in response to it. If you read it, you will realize it’s not about unicorns and rainbows and things you can’t understand. These are real people, mislead into thinking that sex with other men will initiate them into manhood. Instead, it leaves you sick and broken. You might think this is irrelevant rn in Kenya, but look around you. We saw Audrey Mbugua, and the anita video and the fact that you can barely see a hollywood show without a gay couple nowadays. This stuff is being put in our faces everyday, whether you see it or not. Am I saying let’s be violent and hurt gay people? NO. I’m just telling you the lifestyle isn’t as advertised if you want a reason to stay away from it. So the next time your son asks you why he can’t be gay, when there’s all these cool gay people on tv, tell him the truth. If it’s so natural, why does it come with so many physical and mental health issues? That’s what the essay is for, so we know what people in that lifestyle really go through behind closed doors; and so we have a better explanation than, ‘you can’t be gay coz I said so’. Meanwhile, they are exposed to the media and everything there looks cool and flashy. That’s why I put that essay up, because he says even when it’s hurting, it’s difficult to stop having gay sex when you’ve started. Even when it keeps landing you in hospital, it’s almost addictive. This is not nice information, but someone needs to say it, so I’m saying it.
That said, I’m not holding a gun to anyone’s head. If you don’t want to read it, you don’t have to. It’s not for everyone.
Have a nice day.

Hiv and Aids almost wiped out gay community in San Francisco during the 80s and early 90s… without government intervention gays could have become extinct by 2000

But I thought that’s why we have people like @Kimakia on KT to use as an example. Fimbo ya mbali haiui nyoka.
Anyway, if your child should turn gay, you decide on whether you are ready to buy adult diapers or if you will beat them to reset default settings. No one is born gay. They are indoctrinated to believe being different is cool.
In summary, personally, siwesclick link ya kusoma gay ish. Let me count the number of my pubic hair instead.


Usitukane babako bwana ama nikuwachie curse

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