san diego prostitute infestation

Maisha ni ngumu hivyo huko murica na ndivyo Africa bonobos want to move there?

Hii ni shida. Unafungua biashara only for customers kept at bay by lanyes. Sii hats watokeleze usiku.

Nimeweka Bucket list ya travelling

To pay 150 USD for THAT? Save your money and go to Europe. Beter quality, cheaper prices, heavily regulated industry so less risk.
Plus you don’t have to worry about police arresting you for doing a natural act. Europe for the most part is civilised.

When the family unit breaks down…such things happens like clock work

Hao malaya have bastards to feed and a drug problem.

Bila hizo ni rahisi kujijenga huko.

Utalipa mangapi , because ksh500 unarudi ikiwa ndani ya coffin.

Njaruo unapenda malaya sana.




:D:D:D:D:D…hii ndio Biden america you voted for,this is a Democrat state and you can see the filth that California is ,for me I’d rather be in a red state any day of the week.

Naval base kwa navy seals.

Leta namba za maliar wa huko.

No one says America provides an easy life. What America has is opportunities for hardworking, intelligent people. Lazy, low IQ people will be sufferers everywhere, even in heaven.

we are glad they are ready to clean up for us by taking and keeping human garbage

Wacha ufala… si umesikia ilianza 2019 unplug your damn ears


:D:D:D:D:D… California has been a blue state for eons,gay pride rights ,single mother chieth ,feminism ,me too chieth etc hii ni icing on the cake and Biden can’t cherry pick what accolades he gets and what criticism he gets,his government is failing to stop this nonsense.

Kuna better places to travel for hookers; Tijuana Mexico, Bogota Colombia, Eastern Europe especially czech republic, Ukraine na kosovo very high end hookers huko.

As a nyeuthi do you think it is safe to patronise such ghettos?