Samsung Scams the rest of the world

If you are planning to buy those high end samsung phones akina note 10 20 ama galaxy s20 s10 that category if u are not buying a US version wewe jua unatumia a Exynos Chip, Snapdragon ni ya “wazito” wa USA.
January samsung are releasing the s21 series, am sure it is coming with Snapdragon 888 chip, alafu the rest of the world mpate Exynos processor.
In short Snapdragon processors are more powerful than Exynos…yani ata the display u are using compared to the US version are totally different, cooling the same thing,Camera processing depends on the chip processor pia different results in quality, u get where i am going with this.
In comparison its like they are two different phones all together but bei ni ile ile tu.
More info about the new snapdragon chipset here:

info about the Snapdragon and Exynos comparison for those interested

Siku hizi so long as a device fulfills your needs that’s what matters izo zingne apana tambua.

I once had a tmobile s7 with Snapdragon and also a global variant with exynos. They were similar in every way with regards to performance. Tests indicate Snapdragon are better by a negligible margin but you would not even notice it as the end user.

only techies understand that jargon.bora simu iwake,nisafishe mecho na nipigie kunguru for my monthly dose,…oh na mpesa iko shwari, hio ingine ni vanity tu. buy lappy,kazi zingine si za simu

Reviewers think they’re doing us a favor but really not. I am so sure that in real life the differences between the two are negligible

I can’t afford either.

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2021 make it weekly

info about

Hahaha true but kuna wale wanataka the better one considering the price point but if ur comfortable na yoyote ile then haina kamaneno as long as it serves your needs

Trust me kuna a very big difference that is if ur looking for it but for the average Joe bora ni S20 ako sawa…
My point was kujulisha those who are really interested in seeing the difference.
Ata after the release Samsung got alot of backlash from European countries ju ya hio upuzi ya kueka different chipset and another country in Europe siko sure which hizo za Exynos zilikataliwa zote ikabidi walete snapdragon.

At the time s7 ilikua inatumia snapdragon 820 na Exynos haikukua na issue
Shida imekuja time ya s20 na s10 is when people started seeing the difference between the two

Unabuy samsung galaxy na uko na mshwari na fuliza

omwami kuwa faithful kwa bibi na nataka upatie clichy msichana mmoja wako ule wa mwisho

Sawa chief,nimekuskia,tutapanga baraza in future:D:D:D

It is true reviewers, especially from us and UK, take matters too far for laymen like me, but I think this debate actually matters a lot. After all, is it only important to compare snapdragon vs mediatek and not snapdragon vs exynos? And to note that they are saying the battery time on the exynos is significantly poorer than on the snapdragon!!! To me the issue of battery life differences makes that topic more than interesting!

kwanza hapo kwa battery…I am thankful top those tech reviewers ju they are not afraid to speak out the truth when tech company do shitty stuff…like the way apple was exposed by LINUS TECH over poor customer service during imac repairs over a year ago…this thing got so huge that even apple made some changes and also got sued for 100 million dollars, the same thing this year apple was sued again ju ya kutuma updates to older versions of iphones zenye zinamaliza battery hence making you buy another phone…walilipa 150 million dollars pia.

We appreciate this information.Do not answer or reply to any barking dog,they may be rabid wakushikishe rabies bure.

The battery and overheating bit is very true. coming from someone who’s faithfully bought samsungs from note 2 all way to note 10.

Hio story ya battery overheating has everything to do with the kind of charger that you use.If you use a samsung specs charger hutakuwa na any problem.Currently using s9+,before this i used a s9 for almost 2 years bila issues.

Thanks…my intention was to inform people but it turns out watu wengi don’t really care about what they are getting inside bora on the surface they are satisfied, which is okay i have nothing against it but ignorance is a very dangerous thing uki consider the level at which technology is growing

You imagine buying a phone worth 100k…u expect that phone to serve you for a few years but kama unapata crappy system compared to the usa version how long do you think yours will survive