Samsung s8 vs iphone 7 plus (in 2020)

I’m a huge fan of old flagship models, they were designed to be the best. I’d go for them other than the current midrangers coz the price is pretty much similar. I’ve settled on these two. Maoni?

Way to go, Elder!
S8 Plus, dual sim, would be mofaya. Note 8 has even more killer features. Also consider newer old flagships kama Note 9 ama S9 plus!

Way to go.

I would have also liked sony xz2 but i can’t find them anywhere

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First hand experience. S8 has a very poor signal reception. Drops calls like nonsense. Where other phones are at 3bars, it can be at 1 or even zero bars. I was very disappointed and when I Googled it, meeen I wished I had seen it before. Its a veeery common problem with the phone. Do your research first on its signal reception and call drops before commiting your money

Pick the iPhone 7 plus. S8 imepita mwisho wa software support cycle and what @Trojanex said is true. Poor signal reception on the Exynos variant which is what you’ll most likely find locally

Look at several factors. For example S8 has 3000mah which by today’s standards is dismal.
Secondly look at the processor in midrange phones. For example snapdragon 730G is at par with snapdragon 835 in the s8 except maybe gaming may be slightly better in the 835. But keep in mind in kenya we get the exynos variants which have poor performance compared to snapdragon.
A phone like redmi k30 has 120hz screen, good battery life and maybe camera capability is same with S8 and it’s less than 30k or at 30k.
I think if you keenly scrutinize some of this new midrange devices, they are better than 3yr old flagships

I use s7 edge bought refurbished this year. So far so good, everything is delivering to expectations. Network iko sawa, battery ok, camera great. It could be because I tend to stick with phones for a lot longer so upgrades are more profound. I was using a htc m8/9 early in the year.


You never understand my point of view. If you can, you should always buy flagships ama upper mid rangers because of their higher build quality and important features. Kama budget haifiki kwa nini ununue tecno, ama redmi, ama oppo at the price of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9? If you tell me to choose between Samsung galaxy A51 and Galaxy s8 Plus, I will pick the S8 plus like a lightning! Ie unless the former has a feature that is important to me and it is absent in the latter. And even then, I would still look around for another older flagship that could be better than the a51. Nikikosa chuma ndio nitabeba plastic. Kun faya kun!

S7 edge had neer failed and is a well built phone…In my experience the last good phone Samsung has made and thats cuz it sorted a lot of issues from the S6 edge… A disaster of a phone.
S8 ain bad but it has never felt special to me … dropped it last year for the note 8 and din feel like a was loosing out on anything, the note on the other hand well the pen speaks for itself. But answer is always android over apple any fucking day

I listened to a reviewer say something and I agreed with him. Simu ya 32k kurudi chini huwa ni simu za 3 categories of people.

  1. People who might want a better phone but there ain’t any in the local market. So they just buy what is available.
  2. People who can easily afford the budget and they just don’t mind much about the phone, what it looks like, what it can or it cannot do si shida kwake. Bora inapokea na kutuma calls na messages, bora inapiga picha no matter the image quality, everything else goes.
  3. College students who mind about features za simu lakini hawafiki bei. Ndio sababu hii category ya simu inaitwa budget phones.

So my reviewer said that phones in this category hua zimenyongwa mambo mengi sana ili iwezekane kuuzwa 30k. Utapata they load them with vitu kama large ram and ROM, huge battery, but wanakosa kuweka features kama waterproof and dustproofing. Hata vitu vingine kama nfc. Kwenye camera, they modern speced cameras but no features like image stabilisation. If a current budget phone inawkwa specs and features za 2 year old flagship, it is no longer a budget phone. Halafu Wadau hapa walisema what’s important about a phone battery is not the size more than the battery life itself. A big battery does not necessarily result in longer battery life. A 3000mah battery could last longer than 5500 mah battery because what is dependent is the technology of the battery and some other related issues.

I like your understanding of phones. Very few understand the power of a flagship phone. The manufacturer uses their strongest muscle to build a flagship. It’s the best bet you can ever get. Battery size is another many tend to confuse. Just like a pen*s, many think the bigger it is, the better the performance but woe unto them. I’d buy a flagship any time rather than a newer expensive model which promises ‘better features’. Story za Tecno, sijui infinix hata sina time yake even if they sold them at 200k. Its like pimping a wheelbarrow and then comparing it to a car…no comparison however expensive you sell the pimped wheelbarrow

You do know that die shrink has a bearing on battery life? For flagships and upper midrangers, the die size reduces with each newer iteration, thus better battery life (in theory-holds true more often than not)

Yes. The new (lower) capacity of a battery after a certain time of use. Like one year

No, not that. Rather, the nm size of processors

People don’t realize that the processor determines everything important about a phone. And these are battery management, image processing, gaming, connectivity etc. RAM only serves to help the processor run more apps simultaneously, screen size is scam and drains battery while high resolutions overwork the processor. You can have a great camera lens but a shitty processor will screw you. Flagships have the best processors even old ones, and that’s the trick. The Snapdragon 820 running the s7 is still unbeatable by many midrangers and yet it’s 4 years old. If you know you know.

The cost of so called fragships is never worth it. You will never win the race on technology, because new and better things will be invented every day.
Sample this;

Remove the term never.
The trick is to not buy a flagship when its hot. Give it at least one year to cool down and the price will have dropped. Like now how many phones do you think will beat Samsung S9 yet ni simu ya 2018 Feb na huko?