Samsung S6 Edge

WakUMBWA, kuna haka kasimu nimeona hapa nikipitapira, nikapenda. Kuna vile ni ka kiume ama kana umama. Hii Techno imezeeka hata touch iliisha natumia voice prompt. Nikamate haka ka Samsung ama nitembeze kiatu

It’s a good phone buy get ready to throw it away ikipasuka pahali. Screen ni expensive kuliko the rest body parts

outdated phone, wachana nayo

How much does the phone go for?

I can see what you did us there

34k jumia. 32gb 3gb ram, lte. good deal. all smart phone screens are expensive. about half the price of new phone.

With 34k I can get another phone with more decent features ata kuliko hyo s6

siwezi pitisha 15k kwa simu hata nikuwe mbirriopnaire aje. Some features of these expensive phones we even dont have an idea about them. Simu ni call message and camera. music is x to me.


Kuwa tofauti kidogo. S7 edge ndio ya kiume. Ama xiaomi mi note 2.

Gani hio?

You have mentioned CAMERA. Ebu niambie simu ya 15k and below with an outstanding cam especially in low lighting condition?

Xiaomi e.t.c

Peasants and jealous people proverbs.

Bought the piece. Wacha icharge nione namna gani

A very good phone. 3.5 years and still going strong.

Also, the screen doesn’t break easily. I’ve dropped mine on concrete floor more times than i can count.

hehe i still have S4 mini na sioni nikiupgrade anytime soon which i am very much capable of

S6 edge. I’ve used it for 2yrs it’s a super phone with very nice screen dpi infact it’s one of the Samsung phone with the best hardware considering it has infrared eye which lacks even on s7 & s8+ and it is ready to recieving Oreo update soon…However it has a shitty shitty fucking fucked up tiny battery 2600mAh will leave u mteja by 3pm and if Ur a heavy user by 1pm.
Samsung knew this and they installed a small battery intentionally on s6 so that their fans can upgrade to s6edge plus and S7… and lastly as u have been told it’s kind of outdated buying a 2015 brand new phone in 2018 is not advisable in the world of technology.