Samsung profit

14.6 billion dollars in Q1 2018. that’s insane. watupee budget na Samsungbond

KRA imeokota below $7bill U.S na wamehema yao yote last 2 quarters of 2017

Samsung is a conglomerate. Electronics are just one of their businesses.A visit to Korea would shock you.
Samusung has hospitals.Where everything from the Pen to the MRI are made by Samsung.
You get tired of the logo.
You get Samsung pre-paid cards.
Samsung makes ships apparently,and also builds buidlings. The Burj Khalifa was actually built by Samsung.

True. It is is into everything and is one of the companies accused of buying influence in the previous S. KOREAN GOVERNMENT

Same thing with Hyundai and Toyota, as @patco ranted a few days ago, safcom, KBL , Kisumu Molasses and others ought to up their games.

I am actually hopeful for Safaricom, I wouldn’t mind it being the Kenya’s “Evil Corp” given they maintain the competitive edge.

C’mon dude. You cannot include Safaricom in the list that needs to up it’s game.

Safaricom is the largest telecommunications provider locally. This is on all factors calls, data, messaging.

They are also on their way to becoming the largest home Internet provider.

They are essentially one of the largest banks in Kenya since they control the most popular payment platform. They give loans, they issue interest on deposits etc. Note that even though this is done on a partnership with banks(CBA and KCB), it is only because safaricom does not want the licensing handles of being an actual registered bank.

They are in logistics and transport business through Little Cab and Sendy.

They have tried insurance. Little success here

They are in education through their spark fund investment into Eneza

They are in the music industry and currently issue the largest payouts to musicians locally through Skiza tunes. More than the artists’ own governing body, MCSK.

in s. Korea, you can be born in a Samsung hospital, and be buried in a Samsung casket.

Samsung was a struggling company in the 90s and early 2g ‘s. Saved by Internet age by copying and swiping(read steal) Apple. Got cash cow to survive. So was hyundai. Their cars were crap then. Focused on quality and survived. Best electronic engineers were Japanese Mitsubishi Sony Yamaha Toshiba etc. But they had a disconnect between themselves and consumers. Reason for metoric rise of Apple.

The profit was for Samsung electronics only

Even Apple copies some of its designs. But it’s true Samsung wametoka mbali.

Copy cats are all over. A story on radio some time in the 90s comes to mind: a Sony Tv engineer while on a routine flight was apparently drugged and all his documents detailing designs for the then just about to be launched Sony Trinitron line of TVs stolen. A few years afterwards, LG appeared in the market with their Flatron brand. Coincidence?

They even make defense equipment. See below[ATTACH=full]165606[/ATTACH]

xiaomi wanakuja mbio sana samsung wakae rada