Samsung Pay

in this day and age where Kenya is leading in terms of money services, why haven’t we seen services such as Samsung pay in our market given how most payments in Kenya are being made electronically. Samsung are plain lying in their advertising only to buy their products and they tell you its not available in kenya.

Lipa na Mshwari na utulie…


:DNirusie kakitu kwa ile namba ingine yangu, hii iko na shida, niko mbaya saidi, mtoto wa aunty ameumwa na nyoka na mpenzi wako ako na mpenzi mwingine…

Patia nyoka simu

Vile @Shiroe amesema hapo juu :D:D na huyo mpenzi unasema anaeza kuwa ni mpenzi mtazamaji :smiley:

@Shiroe wa afmadow niaje, ngamia hii…

Na mpenzi msikilizaji:D

:D:D:D:D Hyo ndio mbaya saidi huyo nipee namba yake ya mpesa nisaidie yeye

Hii picha umeipata aje?


How can I do this to my photos?

use photoshop. Select an image then inverse selection and the rest is easy

I have Samsung Pay on my S7 but they country lock the damm things!!!I can only add Korean cards on it,so the app tells me And Korean Samsung phones cannot be flashed with firmware from elsewhere so trying to add the UK Samsung Pay with works with cards from other parts of the world(but not Kenya.SMH) will not work either.

you can actually flash the csc of your region (Kenya ) to the phone. However once you do that, Samsung pay will disappear since its not supported in kenya. Tried it on my gear s3. Now we just wait for it to get to kenya. pretty sure Kenya will be among the first countries to receive it in Africa. Do a backup of everything since changing csc resets the device.

You cannot flash lock Korean Samsungs to Kenya. You can flash only those of the same model as Kenya(G930 F)Unless you have a way it can be done(and it is not with Odin).