Samsung partners with Safaricom and M-Kopa to sell Galaxy A10s at KES. 60 a day

…but there’s a catch

There’s been many instances where we’ve asked why Kenyans don’t get to enjoy contracts when buying phones. For example, I can’t afford a 100k phone at once. But if you give me a contact where I can get it at say 5k or 10k a month, that would make sense.
Well Solar Provider M-Kopa is starting a new venture dubbed M-Kopa Phone. This will allow you to get a phone in what they claim is Africa’s first pay-as-you-go phone contract.
M-Kopa has long partnered with Safaricom’s M-Pesa for their Solar business. They’re doing the same here for the phone business. So the installments will be paid through M-Pesa.
The first, also currently the only phone you can get is the Samsung Galaxy A10s. Samsung officially announced availability of the device in Kenya on September 4th 2019. It was launched at a recommended retail price of KES. 12,889.
With this new deal, you can get it for KES. 60 a day. Which sounds like a good deal. Until you see what’s happening behind the scenes:
[li]You require a one time deposit of KES. 3499 before the installments.[/li][li]You’ll pay KES. 60 a day for 365 days. That’ll make the total cost of the phone to be KES. 25,399.[/li][li]Remember this is a 13k phone at best if you go buy it at once from Jumia or from Samsung shops.[/li][li]As a Safaricom device it’ll be a single-SIM device.[/li][li]If you lose the phone, you’ll still have to continue paying for the device as this contract doesn’t include insurance.[/li][li]The phone will be locked (using Samsung Knox) if you fail to make the daily payments. You’ll only be able to access the device to make M-Pesa payment once it has been locked.[/li][li]The KES. 60 a day doesn’t include data and airtime, so one has to carter for that themselves.[/li][/ol]
So why should one pay over 25k for a 13k device?
Safaricom’s Sylvia Mulinge says the extra cost is to carter for risk, and also for the convenience of getting the device immediately. Her explanation compares this contract to taking a loan from a bank.
My take is this: capitalism makes lives really hard for people who make little money. If this contract allowed for the device to cost like KES. 15,000 or even KES. 17,000 it would be plausible, and I’d recommend anyone to go for it. But at more than double the cost of the device, this is unfair and unfortunate for everyone who won’t do the math.
Samsung has said they hope this contract will last for the next 50 years. Hopefully over time the rules will be rethought. And the prices will be fairer. As it is now, my advice is don’t get this phone with these terms.
Save your money and wait to afford a phone at once. Because by the time a year elapses there’ll be a new phone. And this contract doesn’t allow you to exchange for new devices.
The deal will be available from next month across all Safaricom shops. Currently selected shops in Nairobi have the deal live.

shafting bila lube. you will pay double the price:D:D:D

Safaricom wanatambulika. I saw they are selling the A50 for the price of a A70, na bado kuna washenzi watarush uko adi Safcom are genuine

What is your fucking problem here? Is the money yours?get a grip on that smelly assshole of yours inatumagia meffii hapa

Hire purchase doesn’t work well in Kenya. Even some South African companies that tries it in the early 2000s kina Barnetts walishindwa.

Wakenya walirogwa na Safaricon, it’s the most expensive bado wanakufa nayo…
Who has Safaricon in SIM two hands up…

I think mofos will figure a way around this

Thts how free people become slaves. After kufagia ile pesa yote middle class wako nayo sasa wamekujia maskini. Ile blue band ya kadogo ya shilingi tano. sasa maskini anaambiwa kuja tu na ile pesa uko nayo ata kama ni shilingi moja tutachukua


I think the Ktalker billionaires here are not the intended target. This phone deal is for those who cannot afford an upfront payment for a good phone. I have in mind a trader who sells clothes in a soko and has some clients. With a good phone she can take pictures of new stock and sambaza to her clients.

It’s a bad deal. If it had minutes or smses it would be better. As it is, u r better off borrowing from a sacco or merry-go-round and paying later. It’ll still be cheaper.

Safaricom fons are not genuine I bought aneon ray from them in july 2019 the fone just stopped picking safaricom messages - yes messages from safaricom . Then one day in dec the battery was charging but not taking in power , they got such shitty fones .

I came to learn that the only way peasants and middle class folks will ever free themselves is defaulting on the many loans they have na waanze kuzilipia at the rate of 1k tops a month.

Wacha to

Boss, I wanna buy a phone but I donno other genuine shops apart from safaricom and phone xpress. Which other places can one buy a genuine phone and not the refurbished ones disguised as brand new ones?

Tembea Luthuli you and your friend kwa Waria.

+254 722 603615
Pigia hii Somali simu, then go to his shop on Luthuli Avenue. Check the brand you want at Safaricom shop, then compare with his prices.
You can check his WhatsApp status as well for new models in stock.
Kama ni Xiaomi, go to the Mi-Shop at Pioneer House near Bombblast, 4th floor.

See? That was quite easy. A fool up there is claiming its his money but you’ll find in some instances Safcom can be 10k more expensive, so which fool would want to throw away that amount?

Willing buyer, willing seller. No comment.

Waafrika na wezi,contract haiwezi work na wezi
Ni hayo tu