Samsung makes more than just phones. It's Earnings Are Bigger Than Kenya's Entire Year Budget

Samsung’s income is bigger than Kenya’s entire year budget.
When you mention Samsung people think about phones or TVs, fridges. But Samsung actually makes a lot more than just electronics. Samsung makes construction equipment such as excavators, wheel loader, cars in collabo with Renault/Dancia etc, they also make elevators, escalators, Container ships, oil tankers, Industrial robots, Sentry Robots to man the boarder between Nort and South Korea, Chemicals for manufacture of Plastics, microchips. The list is too long



My fren don’t even mention it: how can a nation of cattle rustlers compete with a tech giant… People whose imaginations is livestock will always reason like livestock

South Korea and Kenya were at per in the late 1960s, what happened to us?

Money stolen from Kenyan’s is in trillions. If was put in good use, I can only imagine

Funding European economies… Africans are their own worst enemy

Hata toothbrush na toothpaste wanaunda.

hata insurance wanauza.

@HacktivistT you are not a proud Kenyan why would you post such information

He he he… Ebu niulize my fren… Proud of what? Carpets and Towels dams sio ? :D:D:D

Medical Machines, Missile Defense Systems


I’m still proud to be Kenyan

Pride comes before a fall kkkkkk …Remember the 666Hujuma number what pride do you find in such f*uck? :smiley:

i find no pride in such things

We were not peers you idiot. That is just a talking point regurgitated to show how badly we have done(which is true).

They started with noodles selling to chinese,now they are into surveillance, aeronautics, optoelectronics, automations, and weapons technology company aptly named Techwin