Samsung Laptops

Without bias SAMSUNG makes some of the best and durable laptops. Their use of aluminium badly and frame makes them stronger than many Dells and HP whose main materials are cheap plastics.

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The only problem that I have noticed with Samsung Laptops is that their batteries deteriorate quickly.


Samsung has never fully figured their battery production.


Hata kwa simu na tablets. Ile company naaminia battery zao ni IBM PC now called Lenovo. I had a Thinkpad T Series and used to last 6 hours on battery for like 4 years daily field use


lenovo has good laptops but pia have started cutting a few corners. their products actually are cheaper compared to hp and dell with the same specs albeit with some caveat. i hate the fact that lenovo solders their rams to the system board why should they do that. mordern models come without a lan port when other companies still make laptops that have lan ports. if you want to use lan you are forced to use a lan adapter separately. they also come with only 2 usb ports when other laptops come with 3. some newer models also have smaller batteries that cant go past the 3 hour mark. also their newer models are glossy which attract fingerprint smudges. what i like about them is that they have very good laptops that are compact and they have very soft keys unlike hp or dell. all in all they are just okay.

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Lenovo must be copying MacBooks. Those things have no USB ports, no lan ports just a pain to use those machine. The only upside is their recent adoption of typeC chargers. I prefer my HP as my workhorse, with MacBook serving as a backup machine, their display and processing speeds are sweet but thats just it…

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vey true. i have used hp and dell previously na nilizipenda sana. the downside ya hp na dell is that their laptops are highly priced. kwanza after covid prices of laptops went higher by a margin of 15-20k


Mimi ni Lenovo ama Samsung NP Series with Matte display because I am mostly on the go and outdoors. I also prefer a computer with inbuilt SIM Card Modem so that I don’t have to keep on tethering my phone as a hotspot. Backlit Keyboard is a vital requirement for me. Since the 2000s IBM now Lenovo have had a small light built onto the screen lid to illuminate the keyboard that is also a plus.


My hp pavilion is a work horse and fantastic battery life

Mkamba mjinga computer unatumia kufanya Nini?

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