Samsung Internet an awesome mobile browser

I have been using the brave browser on phone & laptop for a while. But my Galaxy tab 7 introduced me to the Samsung internet browser and I am hooked. This thing comes with extensions etc. There are a few phone browsers that give extensions this easily.

So on my Pixel 5 I have made Samsung Internet my default browser. This thing is so light, I can’t believe an OEM could make a fantastic browser. I suspect the default setting for this browser is dark mode. It does dark mode so well. No browser I have ever installed goes to dark mode by default.
I have got a couple of ad block extensions active and I can’t see any ad on this site for example. The desktop site toggle is also awesome.

I think Samsung is the best phone manufacturer. The bar here is set at the highest level tbh. Imagine Samsung is giving more updates than Google. The!?

My next phone could be Samsung… They have come a long way, I remember the Days of the pathetic TouchWiz UI. Try this browser I doubt you’ll regret it.

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nimesoma nusu

jaluo unasema nini kwa lugha ya mama

kihíí @Jimit will translate

Ni pesa inasumbueko mimi… Iko sida?

kula mali jaluo

mimi niko bottom up…yani mkundu juu
wharever that gabbage is

Sawa omwami

This was my default browser back then and it supported lotsa features. I believe its chromium based. I think I experienced some problem with it along the way so I dumped it for Brave.

Btw did you repair your phone? Jaribu Ii browser. Give it a second shanse…

It is a good browser, ukiweka adblock you forget about ads. But this week nimeona Google search engine is distorting the keyboard when you are using sumsung internet.

I haven’t experienced this myself could be Google getting salty.

Not yet. Havent made up mind whether I should repair it ama ningoje A73 prices idrop next year since uodatss ni za 5 years

Enyewe 5 year updates are enticing… get it from US market by then it will be way cheaper

Your favourite tube sites are now loading 2 times as fast. Maendeleo

How are you doing shipping code… making up for the Ukraine Russian war? How many $$$ have you made?


Eh si this browser is clean. Sirudi Chrome tena. I can’t believe it has adblock

No doubt. I actually tried migrating from samsung browser to brave but I found myself back. The problem was one feature that samsung browser was lacking called text reflow. So far I have only seen it on opera mini. Unfortunately, brave did not have it too and the video experience was not the same.

How is xvideos

I have been using the Samsung browser since its creation on my Samsungs and never looked back. I particularly like the adblock extensions

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