Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus

The deal looks so tempting. I’m suspecting he is a con though. Supposing he is, how does he play this game and win?[ATTACH=full]207617[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]207617[/ATTACH]

nimeachia hapo kwa 'kericho ’

mbona anadownload picha


Unaenda ku harvestiwa organs

huyu ni con hata usijisumbue

wacha nimsumbue

Unafanya nini kilimani mums?

I was just curious about what goes on there nikapata ni umeffi tu:D:D:D

I called the guy to ask akanishow he can send it to me via G4S and that I can pay on delivery. I was left with questions. Initially i thought atasem ati i pay before he dispatches the item

Hekaya in waiting…

No, i’m not falling for this trap. I’ve been conned before. I’m always very skeptical ever since

Do you know any mobile phone repair guys? Bring that phone to them mkiwa pamoja and have them look it over. If it’s good then sioni why not buy it. Sometimes people sell things because msiba umetokea. That part of delivering ndio sijaelewa. Is delivery for free in this economy? Is she crazy?!

knock off worth 5k