Samsung Galaxy note 8

Experts, how do I by pass this…[ATTACH=full]337768[/ATTACH]


Sijawahi deal na Note 8 nilideal na Note 5.

Ingia google search sammobile. Search firmware ya simu yako kisha install kwenye simu yako.

Au google how to bypass note 8 frp

Return it to its owner

@snapdragon is that you?

Owner is an MCA who had his assistant set it up for him na sasa assistant is nowhere to be found.

Can I help you?


You cant unlock bootloader with .rmm activated. That phone is stolen. You cannot flash it.

“You cannot flash it”


Waweza tumia flash box kama hii njia niliyosema ni ngumu.

Mbogi ya @johntez addi gaza msafi :D:D:D

Wewe ni mwizi kaguaro.

Search frp unlock for that phone

EFT DONGLE, one click.

desolder and replace ROM

Tupatane pale hivo tupige biz, si of eyes iko?

Samsung tool

Kazi rahisi Tu just return to owner.

Nigga is a semi-literate MCA wa Homa Bay. He can’t remember the account details if his life depends on it!!

It’s been on my desk for the last 2 months.

Ndio gani hii tena…