Samsung Galaxy A9 @12k

There is this dude in town that is selling a phone that retails at kedo 40k at 12k. Could he be genuine ama ni con. The dude got no shop meeting @ambassador.
Peasant problems lakini…

uliza dragon…

Stolen phones. We shall see you pleading “not guilty” MMNN posts your picture with you shining your eyes at the magistrate

Stolen at gunpoint from guy who is currently tracking it. If you are buying for parts, go for it. Otherwise tayarisha familia na marafiki for the gruesome loss of one of them

Ambia yye change of plan. Stataka kuona ktalker mwenzangu akisumbukia cello

Sawa buda nimeskia mawaidha yenu


[li]Olx is the proverbial den of thieves…Of course there are genuine folks there…But don’t take a chance boss.[/li][/ul]

Utagongwa na hutajua ni nani.

either it is fake ama ni ya kusanywa

Boss I have been there I dont want to see anyone go through what I went through.

With 12k go to safaricom chukua huawei,ama jumia chukua infinix yenye hutasumbuliwa na mtu.

Its not worth it it really isnt,you are likely to find yourself being charged with murder but you cant prove your innocence because there are no receipts.
I posted my ordeal so sikia kama una masikio.

And now you got a title “penologist”

When the deal is too good think

12k uko nayo and you go for mtaro tings? Wewe ni mgonjwa. Go grab yourself tecno c8 or infinix hot note na hautasumbua mtu.