Samsung galaxy a33 5g vs samsung galaxy s8+

2022 midrange beats 5 year old flagship. If you have plans to buy refurbished flagships buy phones of 2019 like galaxy s10

A brand new Redmi note 10 pro would be better at 30K

That’s what im also thinking. The manufacturers of smartphones especially samsung realized that people are buying refurbished flagships which is a threat to midrange handsets. So they improved the new midrange phones especially the ones above 30k

A33 has overheating issues

Software update will fix the problem

I don’t like these types of speed comparison videos. They are mostly misleading, at least in my opinion. I prefer videos that compare while explaining the core specs differences especially in the soc, camera and display technology departments. Also information on the differences in the build quality and battery life is crucial to me.

But, that aside, the news, the surprise, the issue here ought to be, “Wow! Isn’t it profound that the 5 years old Samsung Galaxy S8 is even comparable at all to a 2022 upper midranger!!!”

And here’s why I would pick the S8 over the mint A33 5g.

The price. The latter is selling at more than 33K hapa Kenya. And there is NO POSSIBILITY at all OF GETTING IT AT A LOWER PRICE! Meanwhile, I can get the mighty s8 Pluss at 180 dollars on Amazon, fully renewed. After shipping and all, the end price can be less than 23K. Who wouldn’t want to save 10K? I can still get it at 19K on Kilimall! Kusave 14k si vibaya if I may say so.

The s8 won’t get any software update this year. A s10 is a better option. If you factor in the number of updates left

90% of the world don’t care about updates. Also note that software updates are different from security updates, the latter being more important.

90%?? Do you have a source to those statistics?

In countries like India phones overheat during the summer especially when used outdoors

Check online, actually the value is higher than that. Most people don’t care honestly. They don’t even know the names of the Update they’re on. People like us, though, can get offended if we see lollipop in 2022. Like who did this?

I have “checked online” and apparently 90% of users care about shiny new features every now and then

Not forgetting the sensors. I saw the A31 is terrible at 360° videos and VR content while the Galaxy S5 from 2014 handles them quite well.

I saw the camera of a S8+ still holds up today over later multi-camera midrangers.
Tested it against a A21s and a A30s.

My plans are to one day get the S9 Duos or maybe the S10 Duos. Kilimall has affordable refurbished options.

Get the Note 9 instead. And to get the best, don’t buy Kilimall. On eBay you can get a UK version.

tunaongea about features hukuja na updates, na those users una mention are tech savvy users in tech forums. The average user hatambui feature updates like stable OIS, NEW UI, smart widgets, smart sharing etc. Utaskia mtu ana idea anasema yuko na android 12 but hana idea tofauti iko wapi na android 10

@olycrank the average user does not care about updates but they mightily care about the latest phone in the market. They just will not spend their time to scout for a 5 year old phone regardless of whether its a flagship or not.

Yes exactly, they care about the latest phones and the difference between phones, not the features brought about by updates, only a small section care about that. Most people wakipata the update request they usually cancel or start asking what it is that’s why nowadays updates comes with popping description.