Sammy Wa Busia Shows Off His Four Beautiful Wives...

Polygamy is Good :


Meet Sammy from Busia with his four Beautiful wives
“We are fully satisfied with his Love”, the last wife Speaks out

Meanwhile, a retard sheds tears over a woman… :D:D:D

“Njeri kwa kitanda yangu aki?” he said amidst tears.

A Kenyan man, Jose Jay in a video lamented and cried while disclosing the betrayal he got from his lover and best friend.
He revealed that he had planted a CCTV camera in his house, and could not believe his eyes when he saw the two in full twa twa mode.

A clip of a man crying after accusing his girlfriend Njeri of cheating on him has gone viral on social media The man, Jose Jay, lamented while wiping his tears noting that he did not expect such a betrayal from his lady Netizens took pity on the man while trying to console him saying that all was not lost as matters of the heart were tough…

No necks




Different Varieties, absolutely no reason to whore.
Tamu mno.

Four aged landwhales. Why can’t he have a 40s, 35, 30s, 20s in that order?

agreed after a decade, ongeza 1 pre-wall wife :D:D

They look like sisters. His semen must be changing them into one woman.

The guy is called musa mseleku from South Africa…filthy rich dude who has had a reality show for over 5years but his taste and rexxsimba’s are the same

Those wives do not have Kenyan facial features.

Even the legs…most of our women tend to have thin legs

South Africans

That’s how our grandfathers used to do it

Quite pathetic


“More than one wife ni shida,” said Rev. Tony Kiamah.

Reverend Kiamah cautions Sammy Wa Busia against polygamy, saying the wives will battle each other when the man dies.

[I]A city preacher has cautioned men against marrying multiple wives.
The man of God noted that women were created not to share, and polygamy was a recipe for disastrous and dysfunctional families.

“Tosheka na huyo bibi yako mmoja ndugu because in your absence, ni shida umeleta.
It doesn’t matter how much money you have,” Kiamah preached.[/I]

Others disagree:

Unawapanga ukiwa hai. Kila mtu na Share yake, copy kwa wakili.

Monogamous ndio huwa tafash zaidi maana mjane na mayatima hawana backup, in-laws huwang’ aria zaidi.