Samms Audio. Locally assembled monster Subs

This guy anakunjengea cabs na amps then tunes it and gives it a gloss finish for that aesthetic look.Bei nayo ni ufike kabisa


The last one kinda looks like a washing machine from a distance. Anyway, what are the prices? I need a 5.1 system. (For a kawaida Nairobi apartment so the first one would be overkill).

Hio ya white ni P1 goes for 50 ngwizis (sub only) and its the basic one. Kuna P2=70k and p3=90k . Na mids 5.0 ni 70k. Hizi si vitu za bedsitter na kufuli ya 350


He should have grills for them. They’re too “in your face” when exposed like that. Low WAF.

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I once bought an avr from this guy some years ago apo kiambu town. I don’t know whether he still operates from there. Back then it was still a great deal.

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I never believed it until I saw that most of these PA systems and monitors za JBL, e.t.c. that are sold in Luthuli and other places, are made in Downtown. They just slap an OEM label and that’s it.

Who still buys these big speakers unless uko na club upigie walevi kelele. Form ni kushika soundbar murwa ya Bosch pale sarit. Great sounds and low-key hakuna masauti kama za hostels


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Mimi kama si sony acha ikae. I know sony is into film business so avr zake ziko top notch. Also they include handy features like NFC and sorround experiences


For real?
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Haha ati sound bar, bado uko ndogo baba utagraduate tu. I was also there. Ukiwa na system ya 7.2 utaskia masauti hujawai skia kwa ngoma

You said assembled in Kenya

Meanwhile it’s made in Kenya

Sony this is Sony?