Samido pens a bitter poem about Men. Your work on earth is to pay bills




After living for almost half a century now

I want my father to kindly resurrect

I want to earnestly apologize to him

For having misunderstood him so.

I want to tell him it’s true

That a man’s worth is only after death

When alive no one gives a heck

For his sentiments, joys or fears

A man is all alone in this world.

I want to tell him I’ve confirmed

That a man is merely a bill-payer

An ATM machine for every card-holder

To withdraw without a care

About tomorrow and next year.

A man is awake when the others snore

Thinking about school fees and bills

And fearing for attacks by thieves

When the others gossip he is brooding

About the future of his children.

And what does he get in return?

Cold shoulders and cold stares

Cold meals and cold reception

Is that the smell of alcohol on your breath?

If you drank less we would be far!

And the nagging continues.

The children are brainwashed

To believe their father is a mangy dog

Who pays your school fees, she asks

Who buys your clothes, she muses

Little do they know the bedroom intricacies

Little do they know the real financier.

A man is always on the receiving end

An authoritarian is too strict to be liked

A softie is blamed for the kids’ waywardness

Why can’t he be like the other fathers?

Why doesn’t he talk too much?

Like so-and-so’s father?

And when bills and fees are finally paid

Everybody runs away to the big city

Including ‘for the best and for the worst’

To babysit the son’s newly-born daughter

Even giving birth to a man is biased!

Loneliness, hunger and diseases invade him.

It dawns on him that he’s on his own

A married bachelor of sixty years young

He reviews his life in three simple stages:

Birth, bills and burial

And when he finally rests from prostate cancer

Everybody comes home with teary eyes

We loved you but God loved you most.

Terminal benefits are finally out!

Plots are bought and houses are built

A modern mansion is built for the widow

Grade cows are bought for her sustenance

To live happily ever after!

Nobody wants a mum to die quickly!

Goodbye Mr Bill-payer till we meet.

Life is not fair to a man

After giving his all for the sake of others

He gets a shroud instead of a shoulder

Who will come to the rescue of the man?

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Yeah, but Samido D minus anaweza Kizungu ka hii?


His music genre was meant for the deaf folk.

Kwani kiNYAMO ni withdrawals Tu na kulala kifo cha Mende ?