Samido and Ringtone

The Samido, and Ringtone diversions are meant to water down Kenyans attack on IMF social media handles. Do not be distracted

That bitch hachilii Samidoh apumue.
Very soon she will post Samidoh’s PNC photos.

Samidoh is a weakling for letting his craving for poosie to come between his wife and kids.

Ata wewe unaelekea hapo

Recreational poosie can never get between me and family. Never ever.

Na ukienda uzalishe kunguru moja zenye unatombaga??

what is happening guyz ni kama mumevaa leso na hamusemi nini inaendelea

This thread smells like fish

Pokea tarimbo kwa mnduku pole pole bila kutusumbua

Last year blocked a bitch who kept mentioning Samiddoh thought was kind of a game such as candy crush stfff? :mad::mad:

Kikuyu men like @Sokwe mtu are known weaklings

Just discovered Samidoh is a fucking simp. He forgave her wife who cheated on him before they married.

He therefore deserves everything he is getting.