Same Problem Different Solutions



I always insist two very crucial revolutions zilipita mwafrika. Hata information age itampita tuu.

Nilicheki mahali ati ulisema Kikuyu peasant should never be let near a polling station

Sure. Unaona sasa vile they are rallying behind DP to “teach” Konyagi, in whose govt DP is no.2, a lesson. Eti wanataka kumfinya. So they vote in Uhuruto thrice, get fucked then decide to now vote in Ruto alone to atone for the sins of Uhuruto regime. Have you ever encountered such ingenuity? Less that three years ago, they were screaming how Raila will never visit Nairobi again. He was to be confined to Bondo till death.

He he he he. That’s so lame, the saddest thing is they cannot see their folly and opt to call others who educate them names

Some pple lack VALUE ADDITION KNOWLEDGE. Shauri yao.

A dried tomato can stay for long and it’s a bit expensive as compared to a cheap fresh tomato which is sold/ disposed out of desperation due to fluctuations.

Jua ya MWENYEZI MUNGU HAILIPISHWI NA empty gunny bag is 50/=.

heri yeye kuliko raila. its not about raila making any tribe wear kaptula, but I figured out that he has very poor management skills at about 2010. He also gives in to small pressure now and then, turning him into a laughing stock. The oligarchy will destroy the country under his watch.

There is a need for kenyan farmers to join hands and find a way their produce will be reaching the consumers without them over relying on the brokers. Brokers are very cunning people. In the case above they are playing mind games, the reason they are not buying the tomatoes it is becuse their intention is to create a scarcity in the market and consequently cause the prices of tomatoes to go up while at the same time huko mashambani they are forcing the farmers to sell their tomatoes at a throw away price. They then can buy at a very low price, and enjoy a large and quick profit.

In the agicultural sector in Kenya, the brokers are the ones who benefit and not the farmer who work like a dog.

I’m wondering how an app or a classified website targeting farmers and buyers of farm produce can be designed and made available and help eliminate brokers in the near future…wamekula wakulima sana.

We can sincerely help without any ill motive.

Mdogo mdogo from one region to the other.

I like this discussion, rather than pay the doctor to heal we ought to pay the farmer to keep us healthy.

Lakini pia hawa wasee huwa washienzi kiplani.
Kila mwaka ni kupanda kwanza halafu ndio wanasaka soko…wacha wakae hivyo…hio story yao inachosha…middlemen nyorosheni hao kabisa mpaka wapate akili.

i think izi vitu ziko. a myriad of them. shida ni wewe uko na one tonne of nyanya. customer ni mmoja mmoja maybe anadai stock ya wiki za 200/-. It becomes tedious since there’s incongruence between large supplies and potshot demand. My opinion would be for a single aggregate vendor who would hold all the produce in large quantities at local centres and everyone buys from them (m0nopoly). Cut out ALL middlemen broker, mama mboga etc. Standardised quality and affordable fixed price. Farmer apate predictable income, consumer with assured fixed price commodity. Planned microeconomy. Surplus (unbought) is still aggregated and watu with technical know-how wa value addition can come along and mop it up for myriad of other uses. Wastages reduced

That’s it!! But another problem will arise. …corruption na kujuana but if these are dealt with. Farmers will be a happy lot. Farming will be an attractive venture. That way kenya will be able to kill these two monsters-food scarcity and unmployment.

…We cannot grow as a country if we all think from that angle. The demand for farm produce exceeds the supply. We need a clear mechanism to ensure nothing is lost. Kenya kuna njaa bado…that’s why we are importing almost everything. Just the other day we imported otungulu. .yet we have farmers harvesting onions…

We import alot of tomato paste from Italy, Egypt etc.yet nyahururu bonobos are doing this … SMDH