Same Forest Same Monkeys!

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Wote wako na upuzi.

Upuzi excess.

I think Ruto is the Antichrist.
Muthamaki is a lousy choice for a president.
Raila is a false God.
Kalonzo dna is K-A-N-U as opposed to usual G-C-T-A

I know some Fuckers will single out Raila and say he is more evil

I think you just did it, unassisted.:smiley:

Do you believe him when he says they will change Kenya in 90 days?
Change it to what?
I believe their 1st task will be to hold a referendum to cement the power sharing deal amongst themselves.
After just coming out of a grueling general election, do you think the IEBC will have the capacity and the funds to conduct a referendum in 3 months?
Be honest to yourself,
Some things are just wishes.

this is :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

I respect Gaddo because he takes on both sides equally

True,insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results

Were it ever to happen that JaKuon and ka-Wiper win, they would use a flopped referendum initiative to shake off the other three principles. Of course, Wanjiku is not going to stomach another 5 years of non-stop politicking!!

That is why Pillport decided, after consulting widely with ‘his people’, that re-election as non-performing, 24/7 politicking Senator would be a safety net in case NASA doesn’t work out.

They all have small gonads

See now it has become NASA affair. Jesus