Samburu Governor Anyolewa

courts zinatumika vibaya. if the properties are proceeds of crime, how come the governor has not been jailed for the crime?


That is baby reasoning. If you found your son or daughter with an iphone 15 and they claimed they own the phone, would you simply believe them?

Anus licker, do you know the laws?

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I’m asking why is the governor not in jail, can my son have a stolen iPhone 15 and remain innocent?

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Huyu jamaa alikula pesa tau tau bila huruma and there’s nothing tangible that he ever did for his impoverished county occupants for ten years

Why steal and put everything under your name? Meffi amateurs. Aende lessons Kwa nabii

Very important to remember that there are many many currently seating and former governors who have stolen even more and it is known by EACC but nothing is done.

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kwani judges huenda kazini saturday?

oparanya ako na kesi

You need a serious brain upgrade. EACC first gets a freeze of your questionable assets, then proceeds to charge you for the crime!

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Anus locker, hujui sheria?

He can’t be jailed because there’s lack of evidence.

At the same time, the accused can not satisfactorily explain the source of his money, so the court infers its the proceeds of crime.

For one to be charged and convicted, a higher standard of proof is required.


62B arrrorrr.

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Ukikula pekeako shauri yako

Waru wake hawa who were splashing dough in Westlands just for hoes

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Have they done that in the past? We have no single person in jail for corruption. Kuwa serious

62 billion ilikuwa propaganda. Ata capital ya banks zengine haijakaribia 62 billion.

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Well, you have no proof that he stole it and you know that he could not afford it.

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