Samantha...and sex manikin lovers...

…will not be allowed to import the sex dummies; not when Ezekiel Mutua remains the custodian of the country’s morals.
Mutua spoke in Nyeri where he attended this year’s Founder’s Day.

Bibi yake alimkataza. Anyway this is a lucrative way for black market business. Si angeanza na k-street ladies!!

Morals are very fluid an issue to regulate, besides the fact that its not part of the job description of a Film Board Classification chairman and that Mutua is also a confirmed manner-less control freak himself after the diplomatic passport debacle.

Does this fall under his purview? Methinks he has never read his JD on his contract.

Once again, the man overestimates his importance.

You can’t legislate morality. He should start with Dildos tuone if he will manage. But huko hawezi guza since FIDA has a sizeable chunk of Dildo users. Kelele itapigwa sana

Is that how mannequin is spelt?

Maybe, perhaps.

pronounced, rather.

:D:D:D:D ati sizeable chunk of dildo users

NV how do you pronounce your name? In the meantime proceed to room 254 for your medical as we find you a chair.

You know what bitch+!! Go fuck yourself son.

Mutua, Mututho, Maraga,… the kind of men who try to impose their personal religious mores on society, not realizing that our greatest strength is diversity.

If a man’s confidence is so low that he can only relate to a passive plastic doll in his privacy, shauri yake. Mutua cannot write policy on Samantha and leave masturbation unbanned… :D:D:D

Kwa ufupi, Mutua says wanking by whatever means is a misdemeanor. Very soon he’ll mobilise some people to inspect every house for dolls and dildos, check browser history for porn sites…