Hizi supps the likes of creatine zinapatikana pande gani Kisumu hii…

Nunua kwa mtu wa nairobi atume na basi ya usiku. Na creatine no overpriced crap. Koroga mayai tatu mbichi kwa maziwa kila siku asubuhi. Ni better than whey in my opinion. Nimejaribu zote[ATTACH=full]148600[/ATTACH]

Did he ask for whey protein, ama creatine ? By the way, if you have High blood pressure, keep away from creatine, it will only elevate it.

Stopped using whey , these days I can make gains just eating right and training consistent , the later being the problem .

Same in here, i have a bag of whey, and i don’t see myself finishing it. Creatine helps retain water in your body, hence one tends to look bigger, which tends to elevate blood pressure .

This reminds me I need to get back to the more binge eating hadi Easter

Eeeii bwana mayai mbichi in raw milk? Worst of all in the morning… Hiyo ntatapika hadi intestines…

Fuck people want to gain while we want to lose…what a world shiettt