Sam Allrdyce steps down

Just after only 2 months and being in charge in only one match as England’s coach, Sam stepped down after an undercover sting video showed him explaining how to avoid rules on player ownership.

ako na ufala sana i saw him as the best english coach . sasa naskia England inanyemelea Wenger akue caretaker manager

Too bad. He is a good coach

Kwani alisema nini?

Na @WuTang ulisema jamaa yuko matatani, kumbe aliamua heri kutembeza kiatu na mapema. Meanwhile Keino yule Kipchoge…

mende ya wenger niaje

Acha atembeze …showed hull matharau ya mwaka

Poa sana Kombamwiko ya wenger. Niaje hio NjaaMison?

England will never win anything in football again because while every other country will give there teams full, unqualified support, they will fight over how to sabotage their own team. The English press is the worst, they will attack their own players, give endless opinion on who should play where until it forces the manager hand to do so or also face endless critics from “expert” pundits, commentary and columnists. The team and manager will never be settled or concentrate on the work. Case of point the disastrous Euro. First game against Russia, Roy caved to the pressure and picked all the stars in the squad in 1st eleven, playing Vardy on the left instead of point man main striker, played Keane of spurs as centre forward, Rooney, in the left of three man midfield. Even worse the press bugged their training ground and gladly revealed the line up the morning of the game. Russia reorganized and nearly won that game. It was downhill from there. They more this continues, the less FA will attract good managers. Who wants to coach such a team with too much drama, scrutiny and pressure.

Totally agree. the English press is like a parasite slowly killing its host

He was caught talking about how to get around third party rules and taking kickbacks for transfers. And this isn’t the first time Big Sam has been caught up in this kind of controversy.

In the coming weeks, a lot of football managers reputations are going to be tarnished really bad because of this expose. Ninaogopa sana cuz it seems like SAF has been mentioned in there.

If you have been keen from back kuna siku Wenger was approached akakataa stating conflict of interest. He simply asked what happens when you play against your home country and the national anthem is sung. which one do you respond to?

the only english manager with a 100% record