Salvaging Poo - Sudan's Death

Aah, no, I’m NOT talking about the shithole north of us. There’s even no shit to salvage.

The dead white rhino. It had two daughters. Both have defects that prevent them from carrying a pregnancy. That’s what’s called natural selection. Species going extinct since they cannot survive the times. Spending USD 9 Million to do an IVR will be fruitless. That money, if raised, can be used take MCAs to resort trips.

Uhuru lamented the death of Sudan. I knew he would. He thinks it might make us forget from 1968 to the time Johnstone Kamau died, his mother was the leading Ivory trafficker in East and Central Africa. It’s thieves who always cockblock thieves - he burned some ivory back in 2016.

Anyway, some little philosophy: nothing is free in this world. Pay the gods for divine intervention. Toeni sadaka. Smoke weed.

Special regards ne,

The Northern white rhino is not even Native to Kenya kwa hivyo kiherehere utawacha na uwache kusumbua.

Still there is hope . Right after his death , fresh DNA samples were taken , the cloning route is the only way now Japan and China can do the job … Unless we decide to listen to the west who will bring silly ‘ethical’ claims and stop us from doing it .

Hii kiherehere pelekea mamako mbwakoko hii.
Kenya na Sudan difference ni political borders.

Hehe… To clone you need a special tissue other than the DNA alone.
IVR will work. Take daughter ova and fertilise with previously harvested njoti then a healthy southern rhino will host. That’s only what is left of the hope.

Let the dead stay dead,

What special tissue is this ? Enlighten me

They have been trying IVF since 2015 . In 15 years only 2 embryos have ever been created and they were for black rhinos … by the time they figure white rhinos out , the two females will probably be dead and can’t hold a pregnancy .

Rhino haiwezi lala salama kwa amani.