Refferals for some good salvage dealers in Nairobi

nunua ngazeti.

Ngazeti ni ya kufunga nyama

Insurance company insiders might be the best people to help you get a “salvage” .

Kuna cartels in every industry…they regulate who gets and who doesnt! thats the Kenya we have made…madness

I will advice you as a brother. If not for parts, You are better if staying away from the salvages for a number of reasons. One, what you end up paying for the salvage na repairs compares with what you would use to buy gari inatembea. Secondly, some of the mechanics and garages masquerading as capable of repairing salvages will give you a good one in the diab. Talk of gari inakula miguu kukula or unexplainable and unrepairable leaks and squeaks.