Salvage what you can and run; this gov’t is mortgaging your country... Nyama Nyama Nyama!!!

Once again your retardedness shows its ugly face in intellectual conversation. Wewe unaona tu figures unaamini bila kucomfirm at juu tu znakaa kubwa. Figures za GDP umeona, figures za loan repayment vs Real Income umeona? Maskini ni Maskini whether the govt stops borrowing (which does not make economic sense) or not. Masomo, bidii tosha… Hii Tamaa ya kutaka kuwa kama mdosi na unaupunguvu WA kimawazo… Mate mtamezaa tu. We ain’t complaining.

Figures are out there, facts are screaming themselves hoarse! Majority are Jubilee supporters and they support the Jubilee government unconditionally! And the majority rule, remember?

itana tu chokora Mzae. Billboards za tuko pamoja ni za procurement officers ? too much causing damage to your eyes

Ladies and gentlemen now there is no doubt China owns us, now our leaders have no choice but to follow whatever Chinese govt orders us to do.

Prove basi they’re not correct

What does “Raila will never be president” remark have to do with this? wakenya jameni


Why don’t you get hit with creative ideas… Why don’t you logically come to empowering conclusions that can generate wealth for you. Hii assumption yote ATI sababu monkey trader Amelipa bloggers kuconfuse feeble minds kazenu ndio I narudi share Kenya nyuma. Please hama hii nchi tupunguze u jinga #TukoPamoja

kama wewe ni dereva ya boda boda utakufia tu hapo na hio boda,hata tuk tuk hutanunua,wacha sisi tukule nyama.meffi

so you get exasperated…sometimes?

Sasa pia nikufikiririe… Why don’t you go research? Hii allergy ya ku research na kutaka kufanyiwa kila kitu… Expecting good things without effort… You will cry with your other cordiots and lament forever unless you change your attitudes.


RAILA (Green Eyed monkey peddler) Hatawahii…
Na unatuita wakenya jameni kwani wewe ni ? Ama juu unadaratushosho ukituosha a Germany na kupeana boot part time unaona umekuwa mjeru nkt,

What does "Raila will never be president

No it’s just that smtimes i feel sorry 4 how kenyans especially peasants reason

So by Raila nt bn president will it add cement or matofeli to your pigsty construction

Acha niwaitie mwenye huwasaidia at least muache kuexpose ujinga yenu :D:D

@ spear

Sasa kama mtu kama @PepoPunda what is he trying to say??

This article is very lopsided, yes there has been massive borrowing but did they bother to interrogate the projects the monies were meant to finance??
Are we saying we shouldnt borrow??
Ama is the problem borrowing from China???

We have serious problems in this country but we must be objective and precise

The government was asked to account for eurobond money, their response was? Ety we prove that the money was stolen. You know how government works, for you to prove anything you have to ask for documents from the gova, that’s when you’ll learn of frustration.

And btw if the money was used prudently, isn’t it wise to explain that we used such an amount for project x, we used 1 billion for project y. Instead of letting people come up with speculations

si babuon aliitwa na waziri wa fedha akakataa?

Mbona unaongea na nyama kwa mdomo?

Io ilikua kupimana akili, ni kama a student sends another student to the principal’s office ety he want the principal to come to class to discuss an issue

As much as many may not like Uhuru and Ruto, these Megaprojects are a necessity. For many years Moi did nothing but loot the country. The country stagnated between 1979 and the time he left. Kibaki took and had to stop the bleeding. These two,albeit not the best , are starting the chains moving. At least better than nothing, or the nonsense that was there for more than 25 years. And we know that we dont have Mugabe or Sese Seko.
The borrowing thats going on today is not limited to Kenya alone in Africa. Ghana did the same and they had to inhale through their mkundu for a while. Not sure the situation now.

This thread proves the ignorance of the populace. Sasa after mtu kuwa na salo ya 30k, akitoa rent ya 3k, inakuwa 27k… Huyo ni jamaa ana PhD mwenye hajui ati ukiwa na salo, kuna kakitu kanaitwa tax hapo katikati! Na ako busy anashow wasee wakuwe serious na figures.

Clowns everywhere!