Salva Kiir wets his pants at state function


He has eaten and drunk state resources until he is bursting at the seams.


It’s not a laughing matter boss. This dude has a serious ailment.
He needs urgent medical attention.


Bonobo African leaders whose only skill is to start violence and steal money deserve no sympathy. Agonjeke akufe haraka.

He is also an alcoholic BTW…

Akufe tu.

aibu kubwa sana, they should have whisked him out of there whether he likes it or not. shitty protocol i guess


:smiley: How embarrassing

He is a dictator you can imagine how terrified his assistants are of him


When you get to his age (most of you won’t) you will eat humble pie due to a plethora of medical conditions and ailments.

Hii ni Shida ya prostate

Adult pampers ziko bana

It seems his urinary system is paralysed or he has UTI so he can’t control the urge to urinate. He noticed it too late when his socks got wet.

Urinary incontinence

Shida ya prostate hio. Aende surgery Mara moja.

mbona wame aibisha uyo mzee ivo