Salva Kiir rumors!

Apparently its being suspected he is no more. Just gotten this info from a friend in Juba… sina mbisha!


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Mwambie ajitoe.


Just rumours…

Kiende kikiaukanga na kimewacha wapi Machar

There is a denial of his apparent death by the south Sudanese government spokesman.

Meaning it could be true.

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South Sudan’s government was on Wednesday forced to deny President Salva Kiir had died, following days of rumours over his health that have heightened tensions in the capital Juba.

“This is a mere lie, there is nothing as such, Salva Kiir has not even been sick,” Information Minister Michael Makuei Lueth told journalists in Juba, slamming “wild rumours” he said aimed to divide the people of South Sudan.

The rumours have been doing the rounds on Twitter, and even spread as far as Uganda where Kiir, 65, was reported to have fled for medical treatment.

Residents of Juba reported a higher than usual presence of soldiers on the streets, as the rumours coincided with mounting concerns over an uptick in violence in the troubled nation in recent weeks.

“We are scared of the situation. You cannot know what is exactly happening but (there are) rumours that the president has died. Well, it is said fighting may break out and this is why I am scared,” said Moses Modi, a resident of Juba who was staying home over security fears.

Another Juba resident, speaking on condition of anonymity, reported that some schools had sent pupils back home.

“There are soldiers deployed along the road. Mainly the roads around the ministries and the State House … I am at work but leaving (for) home now. Because the tension is high,” she added.

Naenda huko soon kutrain wasee fulani finance. Been busy researching. Anyway here are the facts.
1.He’s alive but there were rumours he had kicked the bucket.
2.I doubt Machar will ever go back to Juba.
3.All countries in East Africa have refused to host Machar.
4. Right now Juba and Addis are not in good terms. in fact Ethiopian Airlines was banned from flying there.
5.Machar is likely to be settled in SA.



kama hajakufa si atokelezee atoe statement , akufe kabisa huyo jamaa hunikalia mshamba sanaa


[SIZE=6]Worst thing to happen to this guys was independence from the north ![/SIZE]

His death will bring a wide, almost comical grin to my face.

Kama hajatoklezea, hata kama hajagenya something is not right. Nimsick ama?

Do you know what you are saying?

He was driven around the city on top of a pick up after the rumors. He’s alive & well.

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maybe ni look alike wake .

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You mean body double?

yes sir

You will grin for how many days or it will be a permanent feature?