Salon time

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[SIZE=1]kama hujawahi usicomment[/SIZE]

Sissy losers like @screwplus don’t comment


Not juicy

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Francis acha kusumbua

Midterm inaisha lini?

Hii yako imezidi, inbox the guy if you have a crush on him. Shenzi sana

siwes lamba kuma unless ni ya virgin wa 15 years fully bloomed .

umbwa ghassia unatetea huyo homosexual @screwplus ya nini ama hukutomba haga

Uwesmeffi niaje? Why do you have to homosexualize errythang?? Were you sodomized when you were young? Am sorry men, I ain’t to blame, all in all dont bring your sexual frustrations on me, shenzi. Gunia

Paedophile detected



go get a door knob to fucking impress with your faggot jokes -seen door frames having more variety to what they can do than you bitch nigga…you still the piece of shit even when packed in a box full of shit in a shit museum
And congratulation on finally joining the fag wave ya kina @uwesmake