This year Salgaa has lost it’s glory. Haijafanya maneno. Wenye walijenga hio road hawakutaka mchezo. I guess black spots are not so black after all. Great December with low number of accidents.

That’s what use of common sense does.
Goes a long way to show most of the people lost on the roads can be attributed to criminal negligence of the government.

You will be Her meat

I like this quote.

They dualized the stretch and the prayers worked

In my hustling days,nilikuwa naogopa sana hiyo stretch ya Salgaa…sometimes hata natoka kwa bus napiga mguu to the other side of the stretch

He he he. Xtreme paranoia.

ngombe ni ngombe tuu.

Well depended on the driver…nikicheki 14 seater driver ana exceed speed limit na ana haraka najitoa tu
Helped me once …14 seater was involved in the accident but not salgaa…near Burnt forest

Tombaaaaaaaaaa cooomer wewe

@Thiem niaje

A friend drove from kitale to Nairobi in 4 hours on 25th. I asked him what was he thinking? He had kids with him. There was no heroism in what he did

4 hours !!! He lied,not doable even if the entire road stretch is left for him alone

Distance between the two cities is 390km. He needed an average speed of 90km/h to conquer that. 390km÷90km/h= around 4 hours .

a friend of an idiot who can’t brew busaa the right way is also an idiot

@Abba its not doable with the unexpected traffics being experienced here n there

90kmph average speed haiwesmek hio njia

That can be possible if some factors were put into consideration i.e good weather conditions, good road conditions, no traffic on the road and driving with the same speed all through

He mentioned something that 25th there were no cars . Maybe he exaggerated but I wasn’t there

you think the distance from kitale to Nairobi ni the same na ya kutoka kwa nyumba yako to ile pit latrine huwa unaficha adulterated busaa? nincompoop