Sale of M-Akiba on Secondary Market

Hey talkers, I bought this isht back in 2017 and I wanna sell to sort my mess. Any idear on how to do it. I just tried the USSD but it asked me how many units. I have no idea. Thank you.

1 unit is the maximum amount you sent at one go l, if u used mpesa that means around 99k

Hey jkogosh can i be able to talk to you directly about M-akiba

I think you can. I follow you. Message works I think.

Hope umeshikanisha coz that is what I did when I sold mine last yr

Yeah I did the transaction. Now waiting for proceeds I don’t how long it took when you sold yours. I basically just indicated the value I bought at as the number of units. Thanks.

A day or two, the 1st units I sold only took a 1 working day. Ya pili ndo ilichukua muda

How much were your gains?

Its 10% tax free per annum paid half yearly

Can you explain to me the process

Dial *889# create account and open CDC account. Then invest. minimum investment is 3500