Salaysia ni pombe tu, sherehe na mapoko wa Kilimani

This guy is really enjoying life…Hapa ako na bwana ya Governor Susan Kihika, Sam Mburu, sherehe( sam ndio cartel wa kuingiza poisonous sugar nchini. He has the president’s number on speed dial).

Good for him. It’s his time


Hope atajipanga vizuri kuna vile he will be a laughing stock akikosa kushinda second term…


Salasya will win by 98%. Pale mumias anatambulika sana


Annoying baga.

Guy is too popular

By the time inafika election hata akitemwa ameshaunda connections haezi kosa kazi. But unaonanga kweli akiwa Mumias vile ako serious. People love him…

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Hakuna kitu kama connections when you are out of a public office, those connections are only helpful when you are in office


Ata watu huanguka kura wengi hupata kazi in government. One thing is for sure though, salasya kwa hiyo seat si rahisi kumtoa.

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Pombe na malaya = omoisi_omong_aini


Someone should guide him to the gay clubs in nairobi, akislide kwa hiyo sewage, he will never forget the tightness. Looks easily addictable to anything

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Wallahi you are gay


People think homosexuality is kitu rahisi, something you can just transform into, on a slow afternoon. Hapana. A normal man cannot just get attracted to male booty. That’s some dumb and scary shit.

Homosexuality is something you’re born as. Although some argue that early childhood molestation could have an influence.


You only need to look for politicians who lost office in wesdan before 2014. Half wako sawa. The other half not so. Poteza kiti, life suddenly becomes complicated.


Why are you gay yourself? Ulikulwa ukiwa mdogo? I suspect you were an altar boy ukafunguliwa boot na padre

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I’m straight. A straight adult man cannot be trained to start liking male booty. No way in hell. You cannot change a person’s sexuality. People are either born gay or straight.

Regarding matters women, I’ve taken a break to focus on other important areas of my life. I’m starting to dislike all the monkey-dancing to impress women. My tolerance for bullshit is at an all-time low.

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Ameanza Kutishia Hadi Barasa, and it is no Joke… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Ule jamaa alisimama kiti Trans Nzoia amenyamanza sana Chris wamalwa

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bullshit…that’s similar to saying there are born criminals


Chris Wamalwa ako sawa
Shida ya most western mps ni they had no money before getting into politics. Most were mostly struggling businessmen or mid level civil servants. Compare with central and Nairobi…huko you first become a mbirionea before you make it to parliament…MCAs were Nairobi are loaded kuliko most western MPs.