salary reductions

Nyongeza ya 600 :D:D

Ilianza na NSSF. From 200 to 2k mkaambwa nyinyi hamjui kusave mtasaviwa. Imekuja sasa kwa hii. Mmeambiwa nyinyi hamjui kujenga mtajengewa. Itafika wakati wa kuonyeshewa mahali pesa yenyu imeenda, mtaambiwa nyinyi hamjui kuitumia iyo pesa imeshatumika

Hio ni pesa nyingi sana… The public wage bill ni 600 billion na 3 % is 18 billion shillings… That is how MacKenzie is looking at it and what he is after.

Degree muhimu sana

Those new appointees have to be paid…Where’s the money from?… :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

President William Ruto’s plan to hire tens of Chief Administrative Secretaries (CASs) on Thursday, February 16 received a shot in the arm after a court ruling gave the process a green bill of health. “A Chief Administrative Secretary will serve on contract as determined by the appointing Authority. This position is graded at CSG 3 in the Public Service - the remuneration and benefits commensurate to this level will be applicable,” Public Service Commission announced.

With the development, it is important to understand what the [B][I]office bearers will take home in salaries and allowances.[/I][/B]

Based on former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Cabinet’s salary scales, a CAS will take home a cool Ksh874,500 a month.

It, therefore, means that it will cost the country some Ksh486.4 million in salaries alone to keep twenty-two CASs in office.

“Following the establishment of the Office of the Chief Administrative Secretary by the President under Article 132(4) (a) of the Constitution as read with Section 30 of the Public Service Commission Act, 2017, the Public Service Commission hereby invites applications from suitably qualified persons who wish to be considered for appointment,” explained PSC chairman Anthony Muchiri.

While Cabinet Secretaries carry home around Ksh924,000 down from Ksh1.056 million, as was advised by the Salaries and Remuneration Communication (SRC).

In the pay structure that was announced by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), Principal Secretaries’ (PSs) pay was also reviewed from Ksh874,500 to Ksh765,000.

President William Ruto appointed 51 PSs, who gobble at least Ksh39 million per month and 469 million in a year.

‘Clueless’ CASs to earn hefty perks as millions suffer
Sunday, February 26, 2023
By Moses Nyamori
Nation Media Group

The Kenyan taxpayer will fork out at least Sh2 billion to finance chief administrative secretaries, an office former holders say is a waste of public funds.

Cumulatively, the officials will be taking home Sh17 million every month in salaries, translating to more than Sh1 billion in President William Ruto’s first term.

The taxpayers will additionally provide Sh10 million and Sh3 million inpatient and outpatient medical cover for a CAS.
In addition, Kenyans will be financing the running of their offices.

A CAS is entitled to two top-of-the-range vehicles, a driver, an unspecified number of security personnel to be moving around with him or her and guarding their Nairobi and rural homes, a personal assistant and two secretaries.

The government may acquire extra office space for ministries that cannot accommodate another senior official.

In the Uhuru Kenyatta administration, some CASs were housed away from their line ministries due to limited space.

The calculations are pegged on one CAS for each of the 22 ministries but the costs could go up if President Ruto picks more from the list expected to be presented by the Public Service Commission (PSC) early next month after delays caused by legal challenges.

However, the amount does not include the allowances the CASs will get – including while traveling – and the cost of running their offices.

[SIZE=5]The co-opting of the leadeship of all small opposition parties and tribal kingpins by Zakayo is now making sense.
An attempt to marshal votes for 2027 …
It will NOT work …[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Over 2 years ago , I warned you all that bad political choices were about to be made …
Now …
Sit back and enjoy the fruits of all your bad choices until 2027…[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]Shenzi Kabisa …
The whole lot of You …[/SIZE]:mad::mad:

My focus was on the effect it has at an individual level.

Opuss. Its already a violation of worker’s basic rights. If Praying Mantis gets away with it he will be capable of getting away with anything

:D:D huyo jambas is ruthless. Just wait and see

Individually 3% ni kidogo and you wouldn’t feel it. Hata mtu wa 20k hio ni mia sita tu.

Shida ya government, on the one hand huwa inaongeza civil servant kakitu, on the other hand inachukua zaidi ya hako kakitu na unnecessary reductions :smiley:

Simple Mazematics …:D:D

Any way let me call anus lickers @sani @Titty Twister @Berlin Oxford @Kennedy Maina @Kalenjin101 @Karoga to assembo

The deduction is for all employees, even those in the private sector. Even waiters kwa pub lazime walipe hio housing fund and the pub owner has to match their contribution. Hata employees wa butchery, saloon etc.

Baba amekataa hii maneno. Civil servants are behind him.

NDIO , BABA … !!! :D:D

Its a racket guys. Daylight robbery na hakuna kitu tutafanya wadau…