salary reductions


:D:D:Dso street sweepers kama @miritiandes waende wakaisha pale slums

Salary reduction or deductions?

I’ll believe it when I see it in writing. On government stationery. With the RoK letterhead on top and the signatures of relevant officials at the bottom. Otherwise this is just a repeat of tall tales that we’ve all heard before.

Private sector tumetulia ki upooooole

waanze na MPs


Hapo sawa Nabii… Pipinya makende Sawa sawa

Hii ni ujinga. The govt should be giving civil servants incentives like affordable mortgage so that they can buy or build own homes. Not deducting their pay to go build govt houses. You cant pay civil servants but want to forcefully take their pay. Kama mtu anataka nyumba achukue loan ajenge - your house, your problem.

Ati ni chija uua

Everyday I wonder how Ruto plans on being re-elected in 2027, other than massive Moi-style electoral theft

Ni God :D:D:D:D

3 percent is too small.

Ta imajini. Govt workers have not been paid lakini wanaambio mshahara yao imekatwa for some stupid affordable housing. Kama mtu anataka nyumba ajenge yake.

Someone earning 100k will be paying Sh36,000 per Yr, and 360,000 after 10yrs. Then he still can’t access that so called affordable house and will have to take a loan to build his house. Shida ya hasla is that because the west and Chinese have refused to give him loans/cash, he thinks the option is to get cash from Kenyan workers, starting with govt workers who don’t have a say.

the rigging that will be there will be of epic proportions

In 2027 we will demand that all form 34s and other forms are online like happened in 2022.

He’s clueless. Hajarudisha pesa yake ya campaign

Unaambia mwalimu 3% ni kidogo? In fact hii si shida. The problem is, it starts “small”, then a small increatment, kiasi kiasi, one big sweep comes, then hauna mshahara banae.

Na bado nilisoma mahali kwa ngaseti wanaplan kuongezea walimu mshahara