Salamu . . . . . . .

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Si you link up with Muhoho Jnr. Si ulisema mlichop na wao Saus Africa?

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@administrator pea sisi permission ya ku edit post.

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Niko sawa kabisa. AppleBee apana jamaa ya handouts

Welcome to my world bro … fuck working a 9-5 job. I did it for about 7 yrs, working a corner office somewhere downtown, at whatever job I was holding at the time. I used to switch jobs quite a bit back then, Calgary and Alberta in general was booming as fuck. You’ld quit a job today and by next week you got you another job. Everybody was hiring back then and the dough was good it got into my head. Straight out of collage … I was partying like a rockstar… living the dream. No lie. Before I knew it, I was getting caught on the wrong side of the law … doing fucked up shit.
Eventually I was like enough of this shit. I figured in vumbistan I can do fuck all I want … screw the law coz nobody cares down there. And still live like a King.