Salama accident claims more than 10

That Ka blackspot imekuwa notorious.

May the bereaved find peace and strength.

Accidents on blackposts by psv vehicles are due to driver negligence.

Sacco’s and psv companies should issue their drivers with guidelines on how to approach blackspots and at what speed.

a psv driver with over 10 hours on the road daily should never be involved in a road accident.


Salama is not salama

Huo mteremko kuanzia ile junction ya kwenda Kilungu huwa risky sana. Usikubali kuwa katikati ya long vehicles.


Rip to the departed. Still don’t understand how guys use ‘nissan’ on such a long trip. It’s very uncomfortable and risky incase of accident. Hio Spanish shuttle looks bad

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Speed… In Mwembe Tayari (Msa) and RiverRoad (NRB) these Shuttles are Nicknamed “SGR”…

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Pile ups and multiple accidents are caused by two main factors, speed, and tailgating. Keep your distance, and the faster you are, the farther away you should stay from the vehicle ahead. Be intentional, leave yourself room ya kuhepa should anything happen in front. Kujiachia space ni kitu madereva wengi sana Kenya huignore.


You’ve just reminded me of every Probox, Mark X and Prado that speeds up and overtakes you to fill the space you give yourself for safety when speeding!

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Hiyo ushenzi ya tailgating inapendwa sana na these stupid drivers wa coast. They call it Kata Funua.

Ata na dawa usijaribu kupanda those shuttles za coast, those things are constantly over 140KMH in a clear road, incase of an accident chances of survival are almost nil. Atleast in a kawaida bus utasurvive albeit with some injuries.

This is the madness that is killing our people almost daily, and the police are fast asleep. They concentrate on things like checking licences and insurance and vehicle condition. Lately they are busy telling people to turn the wheel so they can check car tires, wasting your time and looking for some excuse to extort you, while some nut driving a mat or a very loud nduthi, zooms past. Many Kenyans drive like mad people, and it’s obvious.
In fact you wonder whether anyone seriously trains drivers anymore, yet many people’s lives depend on how PSVs are handled. The real cause of accidents is driver behaviour.